Saturday, 28 February 2015

Scrub-A-Dub-Dub Lets Clean That Brush..

Hello everyone, today I have a much awaited post. I can defiantly say this has been my most requested post ever. You all seem to want to know how I clean my make up brushes, which I totally understand because even I have a weird interest in how other people clean their make up brushes. Now I have gone through many ways of cleaning my brushes; Ive tried with my hands, letting them soak and even just spot cleaning them (which I do not recommend as it does not clean them at all). But the way I clean them at the moment is defiantly the best I have come across. So lets start with the products I use which are the 2X SIGMA SPA® BRUSH CLEANING GLOVE and some good old Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo. Both of which I can now not live without, the Sigma brush cleaning brush has halved my brush cleaning time and gets my brushes super clean and the baby shampoo is by far the best brush cleaner I have ever used. It gets them squeaky clean and make them extremely soft. 

So to start off I pour a tiny amount of baby shampoo into the 'Wash' section of the brush. Now the best thing about this clove is it has two sides for cleaning face and eye brushes. This side is the face side as it has bigger bumps for all the fluffy brushes to go through. 

I then quickly run my brush under my tap and mix it with the shampoo in a circular motion. So it gets nice and bubbly, you can also see all the makeup in the bubbles...Its gross. 

After its all soaped up I run it through the 'Rinse' section. This is the straight lines at the end of the glove, you gently run it up and down this until the water coming of it is nice and clear. Like the picture below. If not then repeat again and again and again. 

After finishing cleaning I run it through the 'Refine' section which is the bit in-between the thumb and rest of the glove. This shapes the brush swell as getting rid of any excess water. 

Now lastly its time to leave the brushes to dry. Now I personally leave them overnight to dry but if you don't have time you can always just get a hairdryer to dry them. It actually makes them a lot softer just remember to dry them on a low heat if not on the cold setting so you don't damage the hairs. 
So the best way to dry your brushes is to have them upside down (with the brush end facing down) or at a slight angle. I use a bar that is on the back of my wardrobe (I have no idea of its original use) and just get a elastic band to hold them up. 

Hopefully this has given you some idea on how I clean my brushes. It is a long and very boring process which usually takes me about 3 hours a week. Which is why I dedicate my Sundays to it. But it is something that must be done! 

Last thing I would like to thank my sister for being the stunning hand model in this and also taking that stunning picture at the end. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you can actually see her taking the picture...It was a bit of a process but it turned out great!