Thursday, 19 March 2015

My New best friend

I am sure I have told you all this many of times, but my hair is an absolute nightmare!! I know it looks good and like it would be the most easiest hair in the world to maintain. But trust me it isn't. One of my main problems is how easy it tangles,and when I say tangles I mean dreadlocks. I end up having to brush it at least four times a day to keep it even remotely knot free. But like some angel who has come to answer my prayers I was sent the AirMotion hair brush. 

I can not even begin to tell you how brilliant this is for troubled hair like mine. I just love it, it pretty much never leaves my side, I need like 10 more (if someone is listening) just so I can have one in every room as well as my car and handbag. As you all know I'm not the best at detailing all the specs for products, so I thought I would leave it up to the experts. 


  1. Tri-Bristle configuration: Unique Tri-Bristle technology combines 3 different lengths and diameters of bristle providing ultimate penetration for any hair type...meaning no hair is left untouched creating an unsurpassed hairbrushing experience gliding through your hair leaving it smooth, detangled and stress free.
  2. Air Shock: Patent pending Air Shock absorption technology reduces the strain on your hair making it super gentle and reducing breakage
  3. Stress free detangling: Glides through the hair with effortless hassle and minimised pulling and damage
  4. Perfectly balanced: The perfectly balanced shape and size with ergonomically friendly handle makes AirMotion suitable for even the smallest of more brushes flying out across the room!
  5. Smoothes as it brushes: The Tri-Bristle formation actually helps to smooth and straighten hair, helping to remove frizz while you brush to leave hair soft and glossy
  6. Scalp friendly: All the bristles are hand polished to be kind to the scalp
  7. Happy when wet: AirMotion wont slip out of your hand so take it to the pool, gym
    or use in the shower!
  8. For everyone: Perfect for both left and right handed users
  9. Best of British: It has been invented by global hair artist, industry expert and UK inventor Grange Snell
  10. Proven results: And has a 100% quality assured test rating! 

    Available online at: Price: £11.95