Wednesday, 5 August 2015

28 Day Detox - day 4 'the start of the spring clean'

Good evening, today the beginning of my spring cleaning started!! Hallelujah, praise the lord! Today has been a quite but hectic day, so lets run through my it shall we? I woke up reasonably early (kind of), I then had my SkinnyMint morning tea whilst trying to entertain my dogs. Then I pretty much did nothing all morning, well nothing interesting. I answered a lot of emails wrote a few blog posts ect.  Then in the afternoon my day became a lot more productive, I managed to do all the shopping for my sisters birthday (thank god for online shopping!) I can't tell you yet what I got for her as she may pop onto here to see if I actually have said anything about her presents (Nice try Jo!). I then got started on my bedroom spring clean and by that I mean I cleaned all my makeup brushes. Now I actually haven't cleaned my brushes in a while, I know its shameful. Only because I absolutely hate cleaning them, It is just so boring and takes so long! But thankfully I have found a solution, it is called the brush doctor. My god it is brilliant! It is actually to clean paint brushes but it does the job for makeup brushes just as well. I think because it is for paint brushes that it gets the makeup of really quick, obviously makeup is a lot easier to remove than paint so thats probably why.

Brush Doctor

I think I shall leave todays post there as I am absolutely exhausted! Tomorrow Im going into my offices so I can show you a bit of behind the scenes at what its like at the Disorder HQ. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

28 day detox - day 3 'oh i do like to be by the seaside'

Hello everyone, don't hate me that this is a very late post but it is actually 11:25 pm at the moment so technically, TECHNICALLY I am still on day three. The reason that this is such a late post is that I was in fact at Southend today. For the people that don't know what Southend is, it is a little seaside town here in England. Now as you can imagine the beaches here are very different to other countries. They are windy, cold, wet and just a bit miserable to be honest. But that doesn't seem to stop us going down there and dipping our feet in the water only to run away with fear of frostbite. 

But one of the things I personally love about British seasides are the arcades, yes I know I sound like a 12 year old. Honestly though it is the best part and my favourite machine is the 2p pushers. I could actually spend all day on them. But after about 2 hours on them I was finally dragged away by my mother, where I found an electric shock chair to say it was interesting would be an understatement.

I was a bit terrified on the chair. 

As for my detoxing today I had my Skinny Mint tea this morning and my Night Cleanse tea. But I did have a bit of a cheat day with my food because I had a ham burger and chips as well as a few glasses of white wine. But today was a fun, guilt free day which I think everyone deserves one and a while (even if it is at the beginning of a detox...woops.).

Monday, 3 August 2015

28 Day Detox - day 2 'an unproductive start'

As you can all tell by the title day two of my detox month has been pretty unproductive. Lets start with this morning shall we? I got up at 9:30 and had my Skinny Mint morning tea with a slice of toast . I then went over some emails, wrote a few articles and just worked really for a few hours. I then went on a bit of a family outing with my mum and sister to have lunch at M&S (Got to love their new Deli bars!!), I had the most incredible Bolognese with a gorgeous glass of white wine. So by the time I got home it was about 3 and it was a bit late to really start anything big. So I sat down with Jo (My sister) and started to create her blog. Which should hopefully be up soon so make sure you go and check it out when it is up! 

I know I said in my last post that I would be doing a spring clean today, but honestly I just haven't had the time! I may see if I can give it a go tonight but if not don't shout at me!! Tomorrow should be a fun day as me, my sister and mother are spending the day in Southend with my family. If you see me about make sure you come and say Hi! I am going to be bringing my big camera so hopefully I can get some amazing shots for you all. So I think tonight will be really just getting ready for tomorrow, I need to empty out my handbag, have a bath and do all those boring things. I will speak to you all tomorrow, let me know how you are all doing with you detox month. 
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Sunday, 2 August 2015

28 day detox - day 1 'the begining'

Hello everyone! Welcome to day 1 of my detox month. So the reason behind this all is lately I feel like I have gotten out of my normal routine. I think everyone gets like this sometimes, you just get into bad habits. For example I have been getting really up late, procrastinating A LOT and just in general not being my usual self. So I thought Id spend a month (well 28 days) getting back on track. I also thought it would be fun to share this journey with all of you and hopefully you can all join in to!

Step one of my detox is to start with Skinny Mint Detox Tea. The one I have is the 28 day two step tea, but I believe you can also do a 14 day one. It starts off with a Morning Boost (which is what I have had so far), I have to say it tastes amazing! One of the things that normally puts me off of detox tea's is that sometimes they taste so strong you struggle to keep them down. Luckily this tasted so good that I actually enjoyed drinking it with my morning toast.

As for today it been pretty lazy for me, which is very typical for my Sundays. I don't know about you but I tend to stay in my pyjamas all day and watch movies and just chill really. But tomorrow should hopefully be more busy, I'm doing a spring clean of my room (should be interesting) also I'm going to be doing lots and lots of shopping for my little sisters birthday next week. So that should be very very stressful!! I hope you enjoy your night I personally have just had my dinner and I'm just about to have my Night Time Cleanse Tea. Then I will probably go watch some Netflix and go to sleep. Can you tell I live a wild and fun life?

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