Wednesday, 5 August 2015

28 Day Detox - day 4 'the start of the spring clean'

Good evening, today the beginning of my spring cleaning started!! Hallelujah, praise the lord! Today has been a quite but hectic day, so lets run through my it shall we? I woke up reasonably early (kind of), I then had my SkinnyMint morning tea whilst trying to entertain my dogs. Then I pretty much did nothing all morning, well nothing interesting. I answered a lot of emails wrote a few blog posts ect.  Then in the afternoon my day became a lot more productive, I managed to do all the shopping for my sisters birthday (thank god for online shopping!) I can't tell you yet what I got for her as she may pop onto here to see if I actually have said anything about her presents (Nice try Jo!). I then got started on my bedroom spring clean and by that I mean I cleaned all my makeup brushes. Now I actually haven't cleaned my brushes in a while, I know its shameful. Only because I absolutely hate cleaning them, It is just so boring and takes so long! But thankfully I have found a solution, it is called the brush doctor. My god it is brilliant! It is actually to clean paint brushes but it does the job for makeup brushes just as well. I think because it is for paint brushes that it gets the makeup of really quick, obviously makeup is a lot easier to remove than paint so thats probably why.

Brush Doctor

I think I shall leave todays post there as I am absolutely exhausted! Tomorrow Im going into my offices so I can show you a bit of behind the scenes at what its like at the Disorder HQ.