Monday, 11 January 2016

beginning my spiritual journey / How I found out I am Psychic **Warning - very long post!**

Hello there you beautiful people! Today I have a bit of a secret to tell you, something that I have been keeping quiet for quite a while now. I know there where a few rumours going around about it but no one got it exactly right. But I can confirm I have a new job! Now this doesn't mean I have quit blogging or quit my role at Disorder far from it actually. But I have always been someone who has to be very busy all the time, so I in fact got a 3rd job (I must be an idiot right?). What is this new job I hear you cry, I am in fact a Tarot card reader and Clairvoyant at the most well known Psychic shop in the UK called Psychic Sisters London ( Link here ).
I have just realised I look really, really creepy in this picture. 
I started working there in about December 2015, so I haven't been actually working there long but my god I have learnt a lot. The amazing girls there have taught me so much not only about my Psychic side but also so much about myself and helped me a lot with my confidence which I will be forever grateful about. So the reason I thought I would write about this now rather than at the beginning when I did in fact start working there was because one of the question I get asked at least 5 times a day whether it be through clients or just passers by they all seem to ask the
same question 'How did I find out that I was Psychic?' So I thought for all of you out there who are curious about how you would find out such a thing I would go through my story about how I 'Discovered' it. Because I feel a lot of people have the gift but don't really know it, so as you can see this is going to be an INCREDIBLY long post and you are about to know a lot more about me. So are you sitting comfortably? So to start this very long tale we have to start at the very beginning, as my mother would tell you there are some traits of my Psychic ability's that actually started when I was a baby. So now we are going all the way back to 1997 (Yes I am in fact 18). According to my Mum I was very much a baby who was very happy on my own, she has always said she could have left me in my cot all day and I would be very content to be there although she never actually did this! The reason behind this was I would always zone out and just stare off into the distance and it was very hard to bring me back out of the trance I was obviously in. Recently I was watching some old home video's of me at about 8 months old sitting in one of my toy cars when I just suddenly whipped my head behind me as if I had heard someone call my name and stared off into the distance for quite a while. My Mum then tried to get my attention back so I could look back into the camera but to no use, the only way she could get my attention back was to start whistling and clicking as if I was a dog which in the end worked and I was back to playing as normal. But to my Mother and family that was a total normal thing for me to do, no one ever questioned it ,it didn't even cross their minds that I could be seeing spirits. Everything continued like that I would always zone out and they couldn't get me back, I still to this day zone out and can't really bring myself back to the front of my mind not until my sister clicks her fingers in front of my face and screams "GEORGI! You're doing it again, Stop! It freaks me out.". Then as I got a bit older it seemed to get a bit worse. When I was about 5 or 6 my Mum took me and my two siblings to the shops to buy my dad his birthday present, now this bit of the story I do not remember at all as I was very little but my mother remembers it as if it was yesterday. I went straight into the men's aisle and picked up (according to my Mother) the most hideous old fashioned shirt she had ever seen. She then said to me "I don't think Daddy would like that. It's a bit old fashioned." to which I replied "I know, but my other Daddy would love this!". My Mother says she almost died at how loud I said it "People must have thought I was having an affair!!" she ALWAYS says. But nevertheless she brought it anyway and then returned it the next day so I wasn't upset. This went on quite a bit, I always talked about my other Daddy. Again soon this became the normal in our house. Soon after that I then started talking about my other Mummy although not as much as my other Daddy. Weirdly talking about my other Mummy is one of my earliest memories, I remember being in John Lewis with my mum and going into the kitchen department. I remember seeing a wooden spoon thinking "This is perfect for other Mummy she always used these." then put it into the trolley explaining to my mum "I have to get it for her, It will make her day!" again my mother brought it and then returned it the next day as wooden spoons 'repulse' her. This continued until I was about 8 and then like a light switch turning off I never spoke about them ever again. It was only with a bit of research we discovered I was talking about my past lives which is very common in young children as they remember it very well and they haven't had anyone tell them that its weird to be saying things like that. My mum has always said that one of her biggest regrets is not asking me questions to see if I remembered anything else. So that was about it for quite a few years, life sort of got in the way after that and my Psychic side didn't really do much for quite a while. I was basically known as the dud in my family everyone had a bit of the gift that was slowly developing over the years and mine just did nothing. That was until I was about 16, it then came with full force! Now this bit needs a bit of explaining as to why it came so late for me, I am sure you have heard me talk many times about my many surgery's ect. Because of them I was put on a lot of painkillers and for me it basically turned me into a zombie for quite a few years of my life. Which would explain why I didn't really see things or hear things well as some days I couldn't even remember my own name. So the Psychic side wasn't an overnight change but I would say it all happened in about a month. It started with me just sort of seeing things out of the corner of my eye, sometimes it would be a black shadow or sometimes it would be a full person. Strangely I was never scared by it, I knew whatever I was seeing wasn't going to hurt me. Then it moved to me fully seeing people in front of me that I knew where not there at all as no one else in the room even noticed it. I mean I would like to think that if me and my little sister where watching a movie and suddenly a tall man is standing in the middle of the room she'd say something. Don't worry I will be doing a post later on about how I see spirits. After being able to see the spirits clearly for a few weeks and them knowing I wasn't freaked out by it at all it was then the messages started coming through. One of the things people are always wondering about is how I hear the messages because it isn't like they are a normal person sitting there talking to you. For me it's just like hearing an extra voice in your head. This is the part I really struggled with and still to this day struggle with. It tends to get too much for me sometimes and by that I mean I have so many voices in my head that I end up getting really bad headaches that make me pretty much bed bound. But slowly they have got a bit better the main reason being the help from my beautiful girls at Psychic Sisters who really taught me how to close of and open up (again something I will explain in a future post). So now we move to when I sort of found out I was psychic. The reason I say sort of is I basically realised I was psychic the very first day I saw a spirit but I think I was in denial of it for a very long time. The reason being I didn't really know what I would do with it, I was raised with my Mother always telling me "Once you open the door, you can never close it" which to this day still is always at the back of my mind. I think once my Mum saw that I was struggling with it all she took it upon herself to take me to a Spiritualist Church (Wiki here) where I met some absolutely incredible people. On our very first meeting this woman sitting next to us on the back row obviously noticed we where new and wondered why we had come, after explaining to her my story and experiences she gave me a huge hug and told me "You are not alone and none of this is your fault. It is not a burden it is a gift." It was that moment that really made me realise that what I have is a gift and I was put on this earth and given it to help people. Whether it be passing on messages from their loved ones or just being someone they can talk to and help through a really tough time in their life. Although I obviously know a lot about the spiritual world as I can see it, I still don't feel like I know everything and I don't. Which is why the title of this post is called 'Beginning My Spiritual Journey' as I feel I still have so much to learn and I am only at the very, very beginning of it. So I think I am going to end this incredibly long post here. I hope you are all still with me after that marathon. So I feel like there are still going to be a lot of questions about this topic and a lot of people wanting to know more. Which is why I am now going to be dedicating every Sunday as 'Psychic Sunday' where I will be putting up a post every week about something to do with the Psychic world as I have so many things I cant wait to share. Also a lot of things people don't really know about. Make sure you tell me what you thought of my little life story, tweet me from the box on the left or send me an email. I would love to hear about other people's stories and opinions about this subject.