Sunday, 31 January 2016

Monthly Favourites

Hello you beautiful people. So this week there is no Psychic Sunday as it is time for my monthly favourites! I actually haven't done one of these in a while but hopefully this will be back to being a monthly thing ... If I remember. So as you all probably know by most of my posts, this month hasn't been the greatest for me emotionally, I have feeling a bit low this month due to a lot of things which in turn has made me feel a bit ill all month. Because of this I haven't really felt up to wearing lots of makeup so I apologise for the lack of makeup in this weeks favourites!

Apparently this picture is appearing blurry to some people.
If it is I apologise, I don't really know why it is doing that .

1. Maskeraide Sheet Mask - Beauty Restore
This is without a doubt one of my all time favourites. We have all seen the recent buzz around the sheet masks, it seems everyone is obsessed with them. For me I find them less messy, they hold a lot more product and they also are a lot more hygienic than a tub of cream. The serums in this are absolutly brilliant they are packed with all kind of goodies and my god you can feel them. After each of these masks my skin feels so hydrated and firm that it feels like I have a different face!

2. Feoro Cleansing Machine - Normal
This little magical thing was actually one of my Christmas presents and I am obsessed with it. Its a bit like the Clarosonic but not as harsh to your skin. The Clarosonic I tend to use twice a week as a exfoliating deep clean and then I use this twice daily just as a 'little deep clean' to clean out my daily dirt and oil. You use it exactly the same way as you would with the Clarosinc apart from when you have finished your cleanse and have put on your serums / moisturisers you flip it over and use the other side's sonic pulse to push the creams in further thus making them 2X more effective. This thing has changed my life and has basicaly got rid of all my spots!! (Post to come)

3. Cowshed Cuticle Oil - Apricot
During the winter I really struggle with dry hands and my cuticles really suffer! It actually tends to get painful its that bad, so I basically live with some sort of cuticle oil near me at all times. At the moment I am loving Cowsheds Oil, It smells incredible to start off!!! The best way to describe it is it actually smells like a spa, not even joking it is a spa in a bottle. But the main part I love is its not an oil that stays around, I'm sure you all hate it as much as I do when your fingers are covered in oil. Its just a disgusting feeling. But with this one it does actually absorb easily, that is only if you don't drown your fingers in the oil. 

4. Dove Summer Glow Body Moisturiser
This has been my quick fix all this month. Now I'm sure you all know how against sunbeds and extreme fake tanning I am (which explains why I look like Casper the ghost). But recently I have found myself to be exceptionally pale with even my lightest foundations being to dark for me. So every now and then I have been putting this on which just adds a bit or colour to me. 

5.Touch Of Silver Dry Shampoo
I actually found this one in my local chemist at the very back of the shop but I am absolutely loving it! One of the problems with having platinum blonde hair is when you actually use dry shampoo you can really see it in the hair. It makes a white film all over your roots which ends up looking like you have really bad dandruff. Which is something you never want. Ever. But this stuff is great it is specially formulated for people with grey or platinum hair just so you don't see the white film. 

6. Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser
This always seems to make it into my favourites so I won't actually need to explain this a lot. I just love how quick it is and how well it actually moisturises. Which as I said before I really need in the winter!! But I think for me this month is has been a total life saver as I haven't really felt well enough to stand there for ages and moisturise so to be able to quickly spray this on and sort of rub it in is just great! 

7. Black Head Remover
This doesn't really need a lot of explaining other than I FINALLY fount out how to properly use one of these things (post to come). So I have spent the entire month getting rid of my black heads. It has been the best time ever! I cant tell you how fun it is to watch blackheads literally come out your face, sounds gross but is actually a beautiful thing. 

Hope you have all had an amazing month and let make the next one even better!!