Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What My Nails are wearing!

Hello everyone! Now some of my older followers will remember this little segment I had way back. One of the things I am absolutely obsessed with are my nails. Maybe because I use to bite my nails so they have never been naturally long or pretty, but about two years ago that all changed when I discovered Acrylic. I do not recommend Acrylic at all as it is absolutely awful for your nails! But if you are like me and have bitten your nails for so many year and that has already ruined them alone and again like me are constantly changing your mind on how you want your nails. Then Acrylic is perfect for you! Anyway onto what is on my nails at the moment, So as a base for them all I have Malaga Wine by OPI with a Matt top coat. I then have Black Onyx on the tips of all my fingers and then over the whole of my ring finger with a glossy top coat. I also have 6 gold spikes going along my ring finger, the spikes where put on just after my second coat of black nail varnish and held in place with nail glue then we put top coat over all the spikes to really put them in place. Every colour/top coat used was in fact a gel colour as I feel they always make my nails look better for a lot longer and they will also help keep the spikes on. 

I apologise for the background.
I had to take this in my bathroom as it had the best lighting! 

I'm hoping I wont change my nails again for at least another 2 weeks but I do get bored of them very quickly so it probably wont be that long.