Monday, 29 February 2016

February Favorites

Yes, it is that time of the month where you lucky people get to see what I have been loving all month. This month has been a bit of a stressful month for me personally with a lot of drama! So as you can probably see my favorites this month really represents this. To start off there was LFW AW16 which as a lot of you know is, in fact, one of the most stressful weeks ever. But on top of that, I have been dealing with a lot of family issues. Because of all this, My skin has completely broken out again with spots. So much so that two days ago I in fact went and had a facial peel to help. Which by the way I totally forgot how good they are! So if you do have any skin problems I 100% recommend going to get a skin peel. 

Starting off at the left side of the picture, I have been obsessed with beauty blenders blotterazzi. I have to admit when it was first launched I was a bit of a skeptic about it. I thought it was going to be a big flop and that every time you used it you would have to wet it. But I love that I was wrong. It is just brilliant no matter what state my makeup is in during the day it will buff it all together and get it flawless again. Another thing I was a bit skeptic about was luminous's Colour mask, I have been looking for a really nice hydrating mask for my hair for god knows how long. I have gone through all the usual brands and still havnt found anything. Then I came across this little thing and now use it every sunday (my pamper day). I will admit that the only reason I did actually want to try it is because it smells delicous, but after using it my hair felt as if it was baby's hair, It was so soft and smooth and actually has pretty much stopped and split ends coming. 

Next in line is, in fact, my fashion week life saver Body Shop's Peppermint cooling foot spray. One thing about fashion week which I think a lot of people forget is that it involves a lot of standing around waiting and a lot of running between shows. Whilst wearing really uncomfortable (but fashionable) shoes. So as you can imagine your feet get very saw by the end of the day and feel like they are going to fall off at the end of the week. But not anymore! This is definitely a cure for fashion week feet. I actually was given this particular bottle at Fashion Scout in the goody bag at a show and it has not left my side since. The best way to describe it is like one of those icy patches you were given at school but in spray form. It also smells like peppermint which is a bonus.
The next three actually come basically in a series for me. Due to me having a skin peel this month my skin has been messed up for a bit. Basically, when you have a peel like mine which is the strongest one a beautician can do, your skin will obviously react after. To start off your skin will peel, now when I say peel I don't mean a little I mean a lot. Kind of like those face masks you peel off. So to help this and to also make it look less gross, you need to hydrate your face. So to do this I have been using my favorite hydrating product in the world which is a hydrating B5 serum. Lots of companies do actually make this particular serum and the different ones I have tried all seem to be the same. After I have hydrated my face I will then put on a suntan lotion of AT LEAST SPF 50. I do this every day anyway as I'm sure you all know how important it is. But just after I have had a peel I will reapply it as much as possible. The reason behind this is the peel itself will remove a layer of your skin which isn't as well protected as the layer you had there before. Lastly, I will put on my primer at the moment I am using Shu ueruma foam primer. For me at the moment, I am not that concerned about my makeup lasting and all that as my skin is still so sensitive that I am not really wearing a lot of makeup anyway. For me its all about the weight of it and I can tell you now you can not feel this primer on at all. 

Lastly, we have my two favorite eye shadows of the month which is Illamasquas black eye shadow in Obsidian and Mac's eyeshadow in Copper Plate. This is my go to look when I am in a rush which all this month I have been. Basically, all I do is put Copper Plate all over my eye and drag it up to my brow bone and then blend Obsidian into my crease and done. 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Belonging to a spiritualist church - Psychic Sundays

Now before you all go off on me or stop reading this is not one of those "you must convert to my religion!" posts. I am a total believer in everyone having their own right to be in whatever religion you want. In fact, my church encourages other religions to come and be a part of our services.But one of the things I wanted to show people is that it's not only nutty old women that go to a spiritualist church and we don't speak in tounges and all sit in a triangle asking the devil to appear (except on a Tuesday).

To start off our church isn't held in a huge cold church that you were forced to go to as a child with the stone walls and the heating never turned on. They tend to be in village hall somewhere or like mine in a special spiritualist church where the heating is always on and we have our own library. The service itself is about 20-25 minutes long where the speaker for that night (as we do not have vicars/priests or anything on that level) talks about their topic for the week whether is be about positive thoughts about yourself and the people around you or about personal growth. After the speaker has finished we then have an hour of mediumship. For the people who don't know what mediumship is, it is basically the more commonly known side of the psychic world which is the talking to the spirits part. If you have ever been around at home about 2pm on a weekday and just watched the 4th rerun of Jeremy Kyle they will usually show a Psychic Medium after (normally Psychic Sally or Collin Fry). So you will watch or even take part in that for an hour (depending on which church you go to) and that's it. That is everything that goes on at a spiritualist church. Nothing sort of mad although if you aren't a believer in all of this then you probably will think it is all mad. All that I am trying to say and the reason behind this post is I want people to give it a try, I promise you will walk away feeling a lot better about yourself. 

Friday, 26 February 2016

The day I was introduced into the world of makeup

Hello everyone, today's post is all about the very first piece of makeup I ever got. The reason being I was recently asked how I became so obsessed with makeup and the answer is because of my nan.  I think I was about 6 years old and had just come out of the hospital for a surgery (I can not remember for the life of me which) and my nan took me to Selfridges makeup department. Little did she know that to this day that it is my favourite place in the world. I remember always being fascinated with my nans makeup, I use to watch her put it since before I could walk. So when she took me to her favourite makeup counter it was like being at home sitting at her dressing table, I remember sitting at the counter on one of the highest chairs in the world whilst the shop girls made a total fuss over me.

A 6-year-old me with my nan in Orlando. Yes, I know I have the same hair style.
It was then my nan decided to buy me my very first piece of makeup, only after telling my mum "She'll only start sooner or later!". I was then the incredibly happy owner of a Limited Edition Elizabeth Arden makeup box (apparently so limited that I can't actually find a picture of it). Like many of the makeup boxes they do this kit had a complete eyeshadow pallet, blush pallet, lip pallet and a selection of Mascara's and eyeliners. As you can imagine this was a dream come true for me, I remember the moment I got home running upstairs and laying them all in the center or my dressing table. It didn't take long after I got home for my then 3-year-old sister to find some nail polish remover and proceed to pour it into each product. Luckily for her, I was a very understanding sister and knew she didn't know any better, she said at the time that she thought she was cleaning it for me. I mean how could I stay mad at her for that?

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Industry Must Haves

Now whether you are a makeup enthusiast and just want to know what else you can have in your kit that the pros have or you are just starting professionally and you want to make sure you have everything. Here are the things over the years that I have learnt NEVER to leave my house without for a shoot. 

1. Bobbi Pins and Hairbands (And A Hairbrush To!) 

Having a little bag of these wherever you go trust me can make or break a shoot! I cant tell you how many times I have had a hairstylist asking me for one of these or even the actual stylist ask for a Bobbi pin to fix the clothes on the model! Even if this isn't for a professional kit this is defiantly a must have little kit to have on you at all times. 

2. A Collapsible bin 

This little magical thing is just amazing, I literally have about 6 of these. They take up barley any room to start off with so you don't have to worry about that. But they can be used in so many ways. The first obvious use being an actual bin, instead of having all your wipes all over the place having somewhere to put the on set trust me is handy as hell! Another great this I use the for is to put my clean and dirty makeup brushes in. Because they stand up straight they are a perfect stand for them, I personally I have a label on two of them one for clean and one for dirty. 

3. Makeup Sanitiser

I don't know why it took me so long to discover this little thing. But it has defiantly changed the way I clean my makeup. I don't know why I never thought about cleaning my makeup. I mean we all clean our makeup brushes but never our makeup which in fact has more germs than the brushes themselves! 

Monday, 22 February 2016

When you are wearing too much makeup

Hello everyone, right I know you are all going to kill me for not actually doing a 'proper' post today but I just couldn't resist! I have been going through pictures of what every Makeup artist calls their worst night mare and I though I should share it with you guys. If you recognise any of these pictures as something you would do please to get in contact with me immediately and we will schedule a make over!

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Opening up & Closing down - Psychic Sundays

Hello everyone it is time for every ones favourite day of the week, Psychic Sunday! Today we are going to be talking about 'Opening up & Closing down', so this is a technique Psychics use to basically turn there ability's on and off. Now this doesn't mean when it is off we still don't see or sense things but it does mean we can get on with our day to day life without the added distraction of people talking to you. 'Openeing up & Closing down' Isn't just for the Psychics, everyone can do this it is a great form of meditation for many people. With the added bonus of protecting your higher self! 

Opening up

So both opening up and closing are in fact extremely similar routines the main difference being the order in which you do it as well as the prayer you say after. One of the main things to remember in both are your Chakra points as they are very key to this. To start of put both of your feet firmly on a solid ground (preferably one that has earth under) and imagine the roots in the ground slowly growing up through your body. Once you have the roots every where in your body (from your toes to the crown of your head) you then start imagining your Chakra points 'Turnin on'. So first you start with you root Chakra which is from your belly button down turning on to be a muddy red. Then your solar plexus turning on to a dull orange. Then to your two heart Chakras (Earthy Green and Bright pink), your throat Chakra is next and that is a Bright Aqua colour. Now these next to a lot of people find the hardest to turn on, your third eye which is a dark purple and lastly your crown Chakra which is white. Now you might want to take a few moments going through them all checking they are all on, once you have done that imagine another white light in the middle of your stomach. Imagine it getting bigger and bigger until it creates a big white bubble around you. This is your protection and will protect all your open Chakras whilst you are open. After you have checked your bubble for any gaps etc. Recite this prayer either in your hear or out loud.
"Dear angels, thank you for opening up my spiritual awareness so I can be aware of who and what surrounds me. I now open my third eye to perceive clearly love and wisdom from heaven in the name of the holy spirit. And so it is." - Kyle Gray - Angel Prayers
It is as simple as that! This is something that I do every morning before I get out of bed and it sets me up for the entire day. If something in this doesn't sit right feel free to change it! Everyone has there own way of opening up and this is just my own way of doing it. I know people who have a longer process than this (some that last and hour) and some that all they have to do is look up and say "OK guys, I'm open". So it all depends who you are and what makes you comfortable. 

Closing down

Closing down is something that is so important for people to do. For some it is something that just gets rid of the stress of the day, personally for me its like erasing the day. It gets rid of all my stress and strong feelings for the day so in the morning I can have a fresh start. As I said above it is very similar to opening up. You start off the same way of imagining roots growing up from the earth all through your body. Then start from the top of your Chakras (I'm not going to explain them all this time just list them) and go down, but instead of turning them on I want you to imagine them on and you are turning them off.
2.Third Eye
3. Throat 
4.Heart Chakras
5.Solar plexus
6. Root
After this you want to do the same thing and imagine a big ball of white light and spread it through your entire body so that the only light in it is this white one. Then imagine it growing around you surrounding you in it. This again is your protection. After this Recite this prayer.
"Thank you, god angels, for all that has been received. I ask that any leftover energy surrounding me be taken into the universe and used wherever needed. I say this in the law of grace as I now close down my third eye and relax. And so it is."

And it is that easy! I know it looks like a long process and it will be the first time you do it. But trust me after you have done it a few times you can do it in under 5 minutes.  

Friday, 19 February 2016

Why you should not invest in getting beauty lessons 2/2

Hello everyone welcome to my second part to this post, so in the first part of this post I explained why it was a good idea to get makeup lesson. Now you must remember that I still am a total believer in having makeup lessons I think for beginners that they are an excellent idea and they will show you everything you need to know that you cant learn on a youtube video. But for the purpose of this mini series I am prepared to show you the cons I have about makeup lessons. 

One of the biggest complaints about bad makeup lessons I have always heard is not connecting with the 'teacher'. This is such a common thing, I mean sometimes you just don't connect to people but having that person as your teacher is just something that no one wants. I have heard countless of times of clients actually buying makeup lessons only to have their makeup artist not understand there vision at all and the client then walking out feeling like a clown rather than the natural look they wanted to achieve. 

Another really huge complaint I hear time and time again is over charging, please remember this is something that you really need to research before buying!! Ive heard of many people spending up to £200 on an hour makeup lesson and then not learning anything from it. The best thing I can say to this is go to a high street brand and get a lesson there first for free before you go and buy any lessons! 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

3 Of My Must Have Tips For Makeup

It occurred to me this morning that I have actually never shared some of my absolute must have tips for makeup, which I think as a so called 'Beauty Guru' is quite shocking. Now you must remember that some of these I have been doing since I was very young, very young indeed. So I cant quite remember If I had read them from somewhere of if they are commonly known. Anyway, enjoy!!

1. Steam your face after you put makeup on. 

So in my head this has actually been a really well known thing to do, but it turns out that not many people know this trick. Its exactly what it says in the title, after you have applied your foundation steam it. The idea being that it sets it onto your skin thus making it last all day as well as the added bonus of making your foundation looking 100% like your own skin. Have you ever wondered how the stars on the red carpet manage to have that healthy glow on their skin? Its all down to steaming it! A lot of people will actually put all their makeup on and then get into a nice warm bubble bath, I personally don't normally have time for this or I will accidental rub my face. So I have a little hand steamer that I keep on my dressing table at all times. 

2. Powder over your lipstick

This little trick I have actually blogged about before and got an amazing response from so I thought it defiantly deserved a place in my must haves. I'm sure this is a very well known trick but I thought I would share this for the people who haven't heard of it. Basically after applying your lipstick lightly dust over your lips with a translucent powder. This is something my mum taught me how to do many years ago and my god I will never not do it. It will defiantly keep your lipstick on all night, as well as being completely kiss/drink and eat proof! 

3. Start with your eyes first

This one is very much an industry tip. Any good makeup artist knows that when applying your makeup you always start with they eyes. For the people who don't, Why not?! It has tons of benefits starting with when you make the inevitable mistake on your eyeliner instead of worrying about taking off all your makeup you can just erase the mistake. 

Monday, 15 February 2016

Why I am 100% against this whole plump lips Situation

Hello you beautiful people (been a while since I have said that right?) Today I am going to be getting into basically a mini rant about how against this I am. Mainly because I have been recently told that I would look much prettier if my lips looked like Kylie Jenners. I'm not even going to go there.

Now lets start with how against any sort of plastic surgery I am, I was very much raised to know that I am beautiful inside and out and not to care what anyone thinks of me. That doesn't mean I don't have any insecurity's because I have many, the same amount any other girl at 18 has. But that doesn't mean that I am going to act on anything, I don't understand why people assume because you have told me you don't like my lips that I am now going to go get my lips done. I just don't understand how anyone could decide to pump their lips filled with poison? I also am a little confused as to what happens when they deflate, do you get baggy lips then?

Maybe its just me I don't know.. Anyway this was a very spur of the moment post as I am very annoyed about this at the moment and I will probably delete this in the near future... 

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Introduction to Chakras - Psychic Sundays

Hello everyone, welcome to yet another Psychic Sunday! Today we are going to be talking about Chakras now I'm going to be doing the absolute basics here as I know it can get very confusing. Also these Chakras may not be the ones you believe or are known very much but they are the ones I see and believe in. 

So I personally believe that Chakras are basically the 'Organs' of your spiritual body. Much like you have your organs for you physical body all are needed and you could not live well or to your fullest if one of them are weak I believe that it is exactly the same with your Chakras. Again much like your physical body each Chakra controls a completely different part to you but all work to achieve the same thing. 

The best way to show you all about the different chakras is obviously with a picture, I couldn't find a picture that matches my exact vision in what I see and I'm crap at drawing so this one will have to do and you will have to imagine what I see. Sorry.

Ive fount that the best way to start this is from the bottom and then to the top as for some reason it confuses people a lot less. Also its the only way I can get it out of my head! 

Base Chakra AKA The Root Chakra
This Chakra point I always see from my belly button down and see it as a really muddy red colour. Not far off the one above actually. This Chakra represents the rooting down side of things, so this is all about grounding yourself down to the earths core. You tend to find the stronger this Chakra is the more sure of themselves people are and the more they know what they have to do in life. So if you feel like you are not sure of yourself and feel very up in the air about life I would look into strengthening your root Chakra. 

Solar Plexus
I personally think that everyone has a favourite Chakra an this is defiantly mine. This Chakra is based just above your belly button and is often referred to as your 'gut feeling'. You can always tell the people who have a really strong Solar Plexus as they tend to be those big business people who always rely on there gut instinct when making any decisions and they are always right. Which is why I often tell people that it is not their heart they should be listening to because your gut is the one to go with. 

Heart Chakra
Now this is the part where I stray a bit from the picture because I see the next part as your first heart Chakra point. Now this one is to the left side of your heart and is actually the same colour green as the writing above. This one represents your wealth and by that I don't mean this represents your greed or anything like that. But actually is your career side to your heart, this holds your true life's passion and once it is strong you will find your work drive from there. 

Heart Chakra
This Chakra point is now to the right side of your heart and obviously represents your love. This one can actually be very different to each person, I have always found that the lighter the shade of pink the more of a romantic someone is. Its normally the people who have had childhood sweet hearts. Then the more darker the pink the more passionate lover the person is and thus the more adventurous. 

Throat Chakra
This next one is the exact colour topaz. This is a very obvious Chakra point and represents the persons communication. You will find the people with a very weak throat Chakra find it very hard to express their feeling to anyone. This doesn't mean that they are quite though, 9 times out of 10 it is actually the people who are the most confident and are always at the centre of a conversation but still find it really hard to actually say what they are feeling. 

The Third Eye
The Third eye is defiantly the most well known Chakra point and as I'm sure you already know is located right between your eyebrows. This one represents your psychic side, Yes everyone has a psychic side. Its just some people are born with it more open (Mediums,Psychics,Healers etc.) and some with it more closed. But you will find if you actually work on strengthening this Chakra you will actually start to sense things a lot more. Now I don't mean you are all of a sudden going to start hearing and seeing things. But it may just be you will start sensing someone is next to you. 

Crown Chakra
The Crown Chakra is actually white but obviously I cant type in white as you wouldn't see it. So this is actually the last Chakra point in your body and is located in the crown of your hear (which is why it is called the Crown Chakra). The Crown Chakra is all about connecting you to your higher self which if you don't know what that is its basically the spiritualist belief that we are all from the spirit plane that is above us. So the Crown Chakra connects us to their and gives us access to our angel and guardians and them access to us. 

So I hope that you have at least learnt somthing from this. As I get told a lot that there isnt a lot of really simple explinations of Chakras to the people who cant see them. If you do have any questions dont be afraid to tweet me!! 

Friday, 12 February 2016

Perfect Base for makeup

Hello everyone, I'm beginning to think I need a new way to start my posts as I always start them the say way.. Anyway today's post is all about finding the perfect base for your makeup, the base for your makeup is without a doubt one of the most important steps that you can not avoid EVER!

So lets start with perhaps one of the biggest and best reasons you should be using a primer at all times. It seals your pores obviously this isn't forever and only a temporary fix but as many of you know even the smallest pores can look huge when you wear a liquid foundation. Pretty much every primer you can but will seal your pores although there are a few that will go that one step further and actually make them totally invisible.

The next reason would be the fact that it keeps your makeup on at least 2x longer than it would without. The way it does this is by actually creating a shield over your entire face and stopping sweat coming through. I'm telling you now sweat is the number one killer of all makeup. 

So I think now we have pretty much figured out that primer is an incredible invention and that we should all thank Estee Lauder for inventing it (Your welcome for that fun fact of the day!). But one thing about it that people didn't often realise is that it is actually really good just on its own. This obviously being the days you want to be wearing no makeup, because of the properties it has such as the reducing of pores and also reducing redness it makes a brilliant "Foundation" for those non makeup days. I have listed below a few primers you should really give a go as well as my rating and opinion on them. Enjoy. 

Bare Minerals - Prime Time - ❤ ❤
This particular primer I am finding really finding hard to like, I have had it for a while and have been playing around with it. Don't get me wrong it is really good in some ways for example it would be brilliant if you have dry skin. But for me as someone with oily it just is not working.

Benefit -Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer - ❤
Much like most of benefits products I really have never gotten on with this primer. I found it to be really sticky and a lot like putting was on your face, it also never stuck to your face, at all. But it would to stick to everything else so there's that.

Illamasqua -Matte Primer - ❤ ❤ ❤ 
This was actually my first primer I ever brought, so as you can imagine it holds a very special place in my heart. So I brought this around the time I was 13 and decided that having a completely Matt face was the coolest thing ever and when I say Matt I mean matte. For some reason this was the only primer I could ever find that actually made my foundation look like I had already covered it in powder before I actually had. 

Urban Decay -Primer Potion -❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Without a doubt this should be the only primer you should ever own for your eyes. My god I don't know what they make this stuff out of but it never moves. Ever. That is all I am going to say about this one. 

Illamasqua -Matte Veil - ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
If you are part of the Illmafia like I am this is very much a cult favourite. If only I had this when I was 13!! As it is just a Matt miracle in a pot, It also smells like sweets which I know the inventor David Hourne is very found of!! 

I'm really sorry there where no pictures for that last part but for some reason technology decided to fail me and they just wouldn't go where they need to be, so they got deleted by a very impatient me.