Friday, 5 February 2016

3 Makeup Tips For Busy Women

Hello everyone, recently I have found my self being so unbelievably busy that I actually haven't had time to sit and do all my make up in the time I would like to (I love to sit there and just zone out, I can actually take hours to do my makeup if I want to). So I have had to find a way to sit and do my makeup in about 10-15 minutes and have it last all day. I thought I would put together 3 little things I have learnt that I wish someone had told me ages ago that would half my morning routine!

Its all about the eyes

When stuck in a time crunch concentrate with the eyes, think more about the eyeliner especially. It is totally mind boggling how a bit of black liner and mascara can make you look like you have a full face of makeup on.

Have half the job done for you!

One of the best ways I have found that saves me time in the morning was actually getting eyelash extensions. Not only do they make your lashes look longer they also give the appearance of having mascara and eyeliner on.

Organise your makeup

Believe it or not doing something as simple as having your makeup set out in a particular order can shave at least half the time of your morning routine. I personally have all my makeup put into separate draws organised by use (e.g A draw for primers, A draw for blush, eyeliner, foundation etc.).