Wednesday, 17 February 2016

3 Of My Must Have Tips For Makeup

It occurred to me this morning that I have actually never shared some of my absolute must have tips for makeup, which I think as a so called 'Beauty Guru' is quite shocking. Now you must remember that some of these I have been doing since I was very young, very young indeed. So I cant quite remember If I had read them from somewhere of if they are commonly known. Anyway, enjoy!!

1. Steam your face after you put makeup on. 

So in my head this has actually been a really well known thing to do, but it turns out that not many people know this trick. Its exactly what it says in the title, after you have applied your foundation steam it. The idea being that it sets it onto your skin thus making it last all day as well as the added bonus of making your foundation looking 100% like your own skin. Have you ever wondered how the stars on the red carpet manage to have that healthy glow on their skin? Its all down to steaming it! A lot of people will actually put all their makeup on and then get into a nice warm bubble bath, I personally don't normally have time for this or I will accidental rub my face. So I have a little hand steamer that I keep on my dressing table at all times. 

2. Powder over your lipstick

This little trick I have actually blogged about before and got an amazing response from so I thought it defiantly deserved a place in my must haves. I'm sure this is a very well known trick but I thought I would share this for the people who haven't heard of it. Basically after applying your lipstick lightly dust over your lips with a translucent powder. This is something my mum taught me how to do many years ago and my god I will never not do it. It will defiantly keep your lipstick on all night, as well as being completely kiss/drink and eat proof! 

3. Start with your eyes first

This one is very much an industry tip. Any good makeup artist knows that when applying your makeup you always start with they eyes. For the people who don't, Why not?! It has tons of benefits starting with when you make the inevitable mistake on your eyeliner instead of worrying about taking off all your makeup you can just erase the mistake.