Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Airbrush makeup

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having a great week so far, mine has defiantly been an improvement from last week apart from the fact that I have had an incredibly bad toothache since yesterday and I now have to go have a filling in about half an hour...Fun. So Today I thought we would talk about one of my favourite ways to put on makeup which would be by Airbrush, for the people who don't know what Airbrush makeup is it is practically the same as the Airbrush systems you would use for painting cars/paintings with. The only thing different with makeup Airbrush would be they have a lower air compressor as well as the 'paint' being used is safe for the skin. 

So what is Airbrush Makeup. Airbrush makeup is a light weight, full coverage alternative to traditional makeup. Lets start the foundation, Airbrush foundation is a completely full coverage long wear liquid foundation. The brillant thing about it that I love is that it is completely custimisable, you can easly put two drops of a dark foundation into the makeup cup along with one drop of a white foundation and create your own custom colour specially for your skintone. For someone like me that can never find fountadtion pale enough this is so perfect as I can add pure white to any colour and achive the shade I want. Another thing that is absoultly incredible about the foundation is that they are 100% wear proof which basically means you can rub your face untill your heart is content and the makeup will not move at all. It is also has a 14 hour wear (although I normally can stretch it out to 18) without any reapplication.

Not only can you do foundation with an Airbrush system you can also do eyeshadow,eyeliner, lipstick,blush and basically anything else you can think of. You can literally airbrush anything you want, which is why I love it I can apply my makeup at 7:00AM and have it looking exactly the same at midnight that night. Its just magic. Now Im not getting into the whole 'How you use it' today as I feel that deserves its own post on how easy it actually is. But all I will say is that it is so quick and simple I can normally do my whole face of make up (inc. Eyeliner, lips, contour and brows) in under 15 miniutes, which when you think about how long it actually lasts and how life proof it actually is its just indredible time.

So now I have explained the absolute basic introduction to Airbrush makeup make sure you check back to see more about how to use an Airbrush system as well as my favourites.