Sunday, 28 February 2016

Belonging to a spiritualist church - Psychic Sundays

Now before you all go off on me or stop reading this is not one of those "you must convert to my religion!" posts. I am a total believer in everyone having their own right to be in whatever religion you want. In fact, my church encourages other religions to come and be a part of our services.But one of the things I wanted to show people is that it's not only nutty old women that go to a spiritualist church and we don't speak in tounges and all sit in a triangle asking the devil to appear (except on a Tuesday).

To start off our church isn't held in a huge cold church that you were forced to go to as a child with the stone walls and the heating never turned on. They tend to be in village hall somewhere or like mine in a special spiritualist church where the heating is always on and we have our own library. The service itself is about 20-25 minutes long where the speaker for that night (as we do not have vicars/priests or anything on that level) talks about their topic for the week whether is be about positive thoughts about yourself and the people around you or about personal growth. After the speaker has finished we then have an hour of mediumship. For the people who don't know what mediumship is, it is basically the more commonly known side of the psychic world which is the talking to the spirits part. If you have ever been around at home about 2pm on a weekday and just watched the 4th rerun of Jeremy Kyle they will usually show a Psychic Medium after (normally Psychic Sally or Collin Fry). So you will watch or even take part in that for an hour (depending on which church you go to) and that's it. That is everything that goes on at a spiritualist church. Nothing sort of mad although if you aren't a believer in all of this then you probably will think it is all mad. All that I am trying to say and the reason behind this post is I want people to give it a try, I promise you will walk away feeling a lot better about yourself.