Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Do I really need a brush set?

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday!! I hope you are all having a great week so far, I can safely say that I have. Mainly down to a very top secret thing going on right now that I cant really talk about but all I will say is watch this space! Also coming up is London Fashion Week on the 19th to the 23rd, so make sure you check out my extra posts for that week as well as a very, very special post on the 24th!!!! 

So today I am asking the question Do I really need a brush set? Now for all of you makeup freaks like me you know that brush sets are always a bit hit and miss as you always end up with at least one brush that you either already have or do not need at all! I am a very firm believer in buying a kit to start off then buying individual brushes as you go as either replacements or you realise you do in fact need a different kind of brush. I just find that it makes so much more sense especially because shopping for brushes is actually quite a scary thing to do, I mean there are millions of them and you always forget if you already have that particular one. 

So what sort of kit do I buy? I hear you cry. Luckily for you I have made a list below of my 3 favourite kits. The best tips I can give you for buying a brush set when you are just starting to build your collection is look for really good deals. I mean its all good spending over £600 on a kit of 24 brushes (yes there are those sort of kits out there) but until you learn how to care for them or actually figure out what they are all for there is just no point to it.

Must Have Brush sets!! 

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Real Techniques Starter Eye Kit - £13.95 - Amazon

This is without a doubt the best eye kit for brushes I have ever brought in my life, so much so that I actually got two! Within the kit you have a really nice sized brow brush (First from the right) I have always said this is the perfect brush for someone who hasn't actually ever done their eyebrows before as it pretty much does the work for you.  The next brush is the eyeliner brush this is again a very good brush but I will say it is extremely thick, so you can not get the sharpest eyeliner you would with say a mac liner brush. In the middle there is what is called the accent brush, so this would be used to highlight things and contour etc. I personally use it as my glitter brush as it is the perfect size to get right into the inner corner of my eye. These last two are without a doubt two of my all time favourite brushes. To start of there is the base colour brush, that would be for your all over colour there is not actually a lot to say about this one as it pretty much does what it says on the tin. Last but not least there is the crease brush, this brush was actually a total game changer for me. It literally does all the work for you and helps you create the most flawless smokey eye you can imagine. 

Total Pro Deluxe 21 Piece Brush Set with Folio - £124.15 - Blank Canvas 

This set is really for the people who want to splurge on a huge set. I personally was given this set at a event and fell in love with it there and then! I'm not going to go into every brush in this set and explain it as I will be going on for a few pages. But I promise you now this set has a brush for everything. Its very much a set you can buy and will never need another brush again (unless you are like me and are a brush whore in which case you need millions). I honestly do not have a single bad thing to say about these brushes I think that they are incredibly good quality, well worth the money and will in fact last you a life time. Also they are a dream to clean which is just a fantastic bonus! 

Basic Brush Collection - £145 - Bobbi Brown

I am a huge lover of all the Bobbi Brown brushes I think they have been made so incredibly well and really with the idea of a normal person (who isn't a Makeup artist) using them. I also love how each brush has its name on the side so you know exactly what to use it for. The kit itself contains a very compact version of every brush you will need; Concealer, Foundation, Face Blender, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner and Eye Brow brush. I would say with this particular kit (as much as I love it) I feel that you could get a lot more for your money. I know Bobbi's brushes are exceptionally good quality I do think you should be getting at least three more brushes in this kit. But on the flip side this also does come with a really nice case. This kit would be really good for all you travellers out there. As its not a lot of brushes its really easy to pack as well as the fact they do have their own case meaning they wont get contaminated by being shoved in a bag with all your other makeup up. As well as being protected from that god awful spill of a liquid foundation that always comes.