Sunday, 14 February 2016

Introduction to Chakras - Psychic Sundays

Hello everyone, welcome to yet another Psychic Sunday! Today we are going to be talking about Chakras now I'm going to be doing the absolute basics here as I know it can get very confusing. Also these Chakras may not be the ones you believe or are known very much but they are the ones I see and believe in. 

So I personally believe that Chakras are basically the 'Organs' of your spiritual body. Much like you have your organs for you physical body all are needed and you could not live well or to your fullest if one of them are weak I believe that it is exactly the same with your Chakras. Again much like your physical body each Chakra controls a completely different part to you but all work to achieve the same thing. 

The best way to show you all about the different chakras is obviously with a picture, I couldn't find a picture that matches my exact vision in what I see and I'm crap at drawing so this one will have to do and you will have to imagine what I see. Sorry.

Ive fount that the best way to start this is from the bottom and then to the top as for some reason it confuses people a lot less. Also its the only way I can get it out of my head! 

Base Chakra AKA The Root Chakra
This Chakra point I always see from my belly button down and see it as a really muddy red colour. Not far off the one above actually. This Chakra represents the rooting down side of things, so this is all about grounding yourself down to the earths core. You tend to find the stronger this Chakra is the more sure of themselves people are and the more they know what they have to do in life. So if you feel like you are not sure of yourself and feel very up in the air about life I would look into strengthening your root Chakra. 

Solar Plexus
I personally think that everyone has a favourite Chakra an this is defiantly mine. This Chakra is based just above your belly button and is often referred to as your 'gut feeling'. You can always tell the people who have a really strong Solar Plexus as they tend to be those big business people who always rely on there gut instinct when making any decisions and they are always right. Which is why I often tell people that it is not their heart they should be listening to because your gut is the one to go with. 

Heart Chakra
Now this is the part where I stray a bit from the picture because I see the next part as your first heart Chakra point. Now this one is to the left side of your heart and is actually the same colour green as the writing above. This one represents your wealth and by that I don't mean this represents your greed or anything like that. But actually is your career side to your heart, this holds your true life's passion and once it is strong you will find your work drive from there. 

Heart Chakra
This Chakra point is now to the right side of your heart and obviously represents your love. This one can actually be very different to each person, I have always found that the lighter the shade of pink the more of a romantic someone is. Its normally the people who have had childhood sweet hearts. Then the more darker the pink the more passionate lover the person is and thus the more adventurous. 

Throat Chakra
This next one is the exact colour topaz. This is a very obvious Chakra point and represents the persons communication. You will find the people with a very weak throat Chakra find it very hard to express their feeling to anyone. This doesn't mean that they are quite though, 9 times out of 10 it is actually the people who are the most confident and are always at the centre of a conversation but still find it really hard to actually say what they are feeling. 

The Third Eye
The Third eye is defiantly the most well known Chakra point and as I'm sure you already know is located right between your eyebrows. This one represents your psychic side, Yes everyone has a psychic side. Its just some people are born with it more open (Mediums,Psychics,Healers etc.) and some with it more closed. But you will find if you actually work on strengthening this Chakra you will actually start to sense things a lot more. Now I don't mean you are all of a sudden going to start hearing and seeing things. But it may just be you will start sensing someone is next to you. 

Crown Chakra
The Crown Chakra is actually white but obviously I cant type in white as you wouldn't see it. So this is actually the last Chakra point in your body and is located in the crown of your hear (which is why it is called the Crown Chakra). The Crown Chakra is all about connecting you to your higher self which if you don't know what that is its basically the spiritualist belief that we are all from the spirit plane that is above us. So the Crown Chakra connects us to their and gives us access to our angel and guardians and them access to us. 

So I hope that you have at least learnt somthing from this. As I get told a lot that there isnt a lot of really simple explinations of Chakras to the people who cant see them. If you do have any questions dont be afraid to tweet me!!