Sunday, 21 February 2016

Opening up & Closing down - Psychic Sundays

Hello everyone it is time for every ones favourite day of the week, Psychic Sunday! Today we are going to be talking about 'Opening up & Closing down', so this is a technique Psychics use to basically turn there ability's on and off. Now this doesn't mean when it is off we still don't see or sense things but it does mean we can get on with our day to day life without the added distraction of people talking to you. 'Openeing up & Closing down' Isn't just for the Psychics, everyone can do this it is a great form of meditation for many people. With the added bonus of protecting your higher self! 

Opening up

So both opening up and closing are in fact extremely similar routines the main difference being the order in which you do it as well as the prayer you say after. One of the main things to remember in both are your Chakra points as they are very key to this. To start of put both of your feet firmly on a solid ground (preferably one that has earth under) and imagine the roots in the ground slowly growing up through your body. Once you have the roots every where in your body (from your toes to the crown of your head) you then start imagining your Chakra points 'Turnin on'. So first you start with you root Chakra which is from your belly button down turning on to be a muddy red. Then your solar plexus turning on to a dull orange. Then to your two heart Chakras (Earthy Green and Bright pink), your throat Chakra is next and that is a Bright Aqua colour. Now these next to a lot of people find the hardest to turn on, your third eye which is a dark purple and lastly your crown Chakra which is white. Now you might want to take a few moments going through them all checking they are all on, once you have done that imagine another white light in the middle of your stomach. Imagine it getting bigger and bigger until it creates a big white bubble around you. This is your protection and will protect all your open Chakras whilst you are open. After you have checked your bubble for any gaps etc. Recite this prayer either in your hear or out loud.
"Dear angels, thank you for opening up my spiritual awareness so I can be aware of who and what surrounds me. I now open my third eye to perceive clearly love and wisdom from heaven in the name of the holy spirit. And so it is." - Kyle Gray - Angel Prayers
It is as simple as that! This is something that I do every morning before I get out of bed and it sets me up for the entire day. If something in this doesn't sit right feel free to change it! Everyone has there own way of opening up and this is just my own way of doing it. I know people who have a longer process than this (some that last and hour) and some that all they have to do is look up and say "OK guys, I'm open". So it all depends who you are and what makes you comfortable. 

Closing down

Closing down is something that is so important for people to do. For some it is something that just gets rid of the stress of the day, personally for me its like erasing the day. It gets rid of all my stress and strong feelings for the day so in the morning I can have a fresh start. As I said above it is very similar to opening up. You start off the same way of imagining roots growing up from the earth all through your body. Then start from the top of your Chakras (I'm not going to explain them all this time just list them) and go down, but instead of turning them on I want you to imagine them on and you are turning them off.
2.Third Eye
3. Throat 
4.Heart Chakras
5.Solar plexus
6. Root
After this you want to do the same thing and imagine a big ball of white light and spread it through your entire body so that the only light in it is this white one. Then imagine it growing around you surrounding you in it. This again is your protection. After this Recite this prayer.
"Thank you, god angels, for all that has been received. I ask that any leftover energy surrounding me be taken into the universe and used wherever needed. I say this in the law of grace as I now close down my third eye and relax. And so it is."

And it is that easy! I know it looks like a long process and it will be the first time you do it. But trust me after you have done it a few times you can do it in under 5 minutes.