Friday, 26 February 2016

The day I was introduced into the world of makeup

Hello everyone, today's post is all about the very first piece of makeup I ever got. The reason being I was recently asked how I became so obsessed with makeup and the answer is because of my nan.  I think I was about 6 years old and had just come out of the hospital for a surgery (I can not remember for the life of me which) and my nan took me to Selfridges makeup department. Little did she know that to this day that it is my favourite place in the world. I remember always being fascinated with my nans makeup, I use to watch her put it since before I could walk. So when she took me to her favourite makeup counter it was like being at home sitting at her dressing table, I remember sitting at the counter on one of the highest chairs in the world whilst the shop girls made a total fuss over me.

A 6-year-old me with my nan in Orlando. Yes, I know I have the same hair style.
It was then my nan decided to buy me my very first piece of makeup, only after telling my mum "She'll only start sooner or later!". I was then the incredibly happy owner of a Limited Edition Elizabeth Arden makeup box (apparently so limited that I can't actually find a picture of it). Like many of the makeup boxes they do this kit had a complete eyeshadow pallet, blush pallet, lip pallet and a selection of Mascara's and eyeliners. As you can imagine this was a dream come true for me, I remember the moment I got home running upstairs and laying them all in the center or my dressing table. It didn't take long after I got home for my then 3-year-old sister to find some nail polish remover and proceed to pour it into each product. Luckily for her, I was a very understanding sister and knew she didn't know any better, she said at the time that she thought she was cleaning it for me. I mean how could I stay mad at her for that?