Monday, 1 February 2016

the worst beauty advise i have ever had

Hello everyone, happy Monday!! Recently I have been reading a lot of 'articles' online about absolutely ridiculous beauty advise. I swear to god people really need to research things before they send it out into the world. But it has made me smile a bit and made me remember the absolutely awful advise people have given me over the years (not knowing that I have actually studied this and know a bit or two). So here is my top 5:

5. Shaving your legs will make the hair grow back thicker and darker.
This one was actually told to me by my Mother (sorry Mum! Joking she doesn't actually read this), she told me when I was very little that shaving my legs would make my leg hairs grow back faster, darker and thicker. That is not true at all. Razors really don't have a magical power that makes your hair grow back. I have been shaving my legs for many years now and I can promise you that they have not changed at all. 

4. Use a Sharpy for eyeliner.
 I cant really blame the poor boy who told me to do this as he himself had never touched eyeliner before. But once when I was at school and smudged my eyeliner I totally freaked out and asked my best friend at the time what to do who then told me that. Obviously I didn't actually do it or I would still be trying to get it off today. But please don't ever do this as not only will it be really hard to take off they actually have loads of chemicals in some that could actually make you go blind. 

3. PVA glue will get rid of your blackheads. 
This one was actually sent to me online after I said I was really struggling with blackheads. They told me to put PVA glue onto my nose, then pull it off and all your blackheads will come out. I'm just going to go ahead and say NO. That is not true at all. Please do not do this it will not work and will in fact clog your pores more. The pictures you have seen online about this are all edited, I promise you! 

2. If you want to pop a spot use a pin.
NOOOOO!!! You never ever pop a spot! Let alone with a pin!!! Now this one wasn't actually said to me but I did over hear. Popping a spot is an absolute no,no first of all if you do pop them then they are more likely to leave a scar which trust me you don't want. As well as that when you do pop it all the puss will come out and contaminate the rest of your skin leading to more spots. The issues with the pin.. Firstly you have no idea where it has been and it is probably not sterilised enough and again as I said before (especially with a pin) you WILL have scarring for it. 

1. You may think you have long hair but it is actually because you have brushed it so much that you have stretched it. It is actually probably only up to your shoulders naturally. 
Now this was told to me when I was about 13 years old by a women doing my hair. Now I'm not a complete idiot I am aware that you can in fact stretch your hair (only about 1cm, but you can still do it.). What you should probably know from when I was about 9 my hair has ALWAYS been down to my bum. So I'm not really sure how anyone could think that you could stretch shoulder length hair about 3ft (Just measured my hair it is in fact 3ft.. Who knew?). But overall I Just found that whole experience so funny, I still regularly laugh over it today.