Friday, 19 February 2016

Why you should not invest in getting beauty lessons 2/2

Hello everyone welcome to my second part to this post, so in the first part of this post I explained why it was a good idea to get makeup lesson. Now you must remember that I still am a total believer in having makeup lessons I think for beginners that they are an excellent idea and they will show you everything you need to know that you cant learn on a youtube video. But for the purpose of this mini series I am prepared to show you the cons I have about makeup lessons. 

One of the biggest complaints about bad makeup lessons I have always heard is not connecting with the 'teacher'. This is such a common thing, I mean sometimes you just don't connect to people but having that person as your teacher is just something that no one wants. I have heard countless of times of clients actually buying makeup lessons only to have their makeup artist not understand there vision at all and the client then walking out feeling like a clown rather than the natural look they wanted to achieve. 

Another really huge complaint I hear time and time again is over charging, please remember this is something that you really need to research before buying!! Ive heard of many people spending up to £200 on an hour makeup lesson and then not learning anything from it. The best thing I can say to this is go to a high street brand and get a lesson there first for free before you go and buy any lessons!