Monday, 7 March 2016

beauty brands for sensitive skin

One thing that I personally think that a lot more people suffer from than people think is sensitive skin. I know a lot of people who actually think it is totally normal to have red skin after they take their makeup off or even have it feel tingly during the day. I can tell you this with great confidence if this happens to you, you have sensitive skin. If you still don't believe that you do or you need more convincing have a look at the typical symptoms of sensitive skin.

"Taut and itchy skin,Burning and stinging, Blushing and flushing, sometimes accompanied by tiny red pimples,Scaly, rough patches on the skin,Eye-area redness, puffiness, and wrinkles that look like they've appeared overnight,Small red bumps (not pimples) on your face that may itch."

When looking for specific products for sensitive skin do make sure you actually read what your buying as there are no actual guidelines for what is actually a 'sensitive skin product'. The things you want to look out for are a product containing few or no fragrances as they play a key part in the irritation of your skin. Also, look for products containing as little ingredients as possible, this is basically self-explanatory as the few ingredients the few things you have to be sensitive to.

My favorite sensitive skin beauty brands

I think Simple is one of the most well-known sensitive brands out there. Mainly because the products don't really have a lot of ingredients in them. They are a great brand that truly believe in not putting any artificial colouring or fragrances in their products. Which is something that I think a lot of brands need to be doing. They also believe in 'simplicity' your beauty regime. With every range, they do either having 3 or 4 products in them. 

I know lush are a bit hit and miss sometimes but quite a lot of their products are actually brilliant for sensitive skin. The only thing I will say is to stay clear of any brightly coloured bath bombs as they do use artificial colouring for them and trust me if you have skin like me then you will get a reaction.

Charlotte Tilbury is without a doubt the most underrated sensitive makeup and skincare brands out there. Not only does she stay clear of fragrancing all her creams are made with pure plant extracts with very few (in some cases none) chemical ingredients. No wonder the stars like Beyonce and Kate moss love it!