Sunday, 20 March 2016

How I got into Tarot Cards - Psychic Sundays

Growing up I was actually told to stay well away from tarot cards, I was told that they were unlucky and I would get some demon through them. Because of that I actually never even touched a card until I was 14 which in the tarot community is very rare, most people are already doing readings by the age of 7. I think because I had never got a chance to see tarot I never really explored my spiritual side as well as I could have, which I am definitely making up for now! 

When I was about 13 my nan died, she was and still to this day is my hero and best friend. So when she died I definitely took it very hard, as did my whole family. So we started looking into other ways of contacting her, It was then a year later, we started looking into tarot. As a family it was something we needed at the time, at the beginning it was to comfort us is knowing my nan was okay but then as home life got a bit rocky was a way of knowing it was all going to turn out ok. I had been told numerous times during my readings that I had a gift and that I could If I chose to do tarot. So when I was about 14 my mum took me to a course for it, after many months of me begging!  Within the first 10 minutes it was very clear that it was what I was meant to be doing. I didn't (and still haven't) say one wrong thing about someone's past or future.

I get asked a lot "Can you teach me how to do it?" and I can tell you this now, it is not somthing that can be taught. Sure I can teach you the spreads, what the cards mean ect. But that is not what a Tarot card reader is. They are a person whos sole purpose on this planet is to help people at whatever cost and are well aware of that and accept it with all their heart.