Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Favorites

Hello everyone, yes it is that time of the month again! Can you believe we are already at the end of march? It feels like I'm still full from my Christmas dinner! So this month has been a very calm month for me (apart from my birthday). So much so that I actually got myself back into yoga yay!! I love yoga I find it so calm and relaxing and also you don't have to really make yourself look pretty, which ever now and then is a god sent. 

So because of me getting back into yoga I have practically been living in workout gear, I mean it is all so comfortable so why not? I have especially been loving these two items from Sweaty Betty which is there all in one jumpsuit and the 'Lean mean running machine' tank top. The jumpsuit I actually could wear every day of my life, it is so comfortable and so versatile I love it. Another sporty thing I have been loving is Adidas's Pure boost trainers, these are specially made for training so they are perfect for when you want to do yoga outside as I find that they are really flexible for when you want to do down dog etc. 

Now onto the beauty side of things, this month I have been loving Laura  Mercier's creme smooth foundation. This is actually the first foundation I have ever bought that I haven't had to put any white in it to make it pale enough for me. So if like me you look like Casper the ghost then I definitely recommend this! As well as getting back into yoga I also started to get back into the obsession that I had a few years back of getting my hair completely white. Don't ask me why but sometimes I do go through this phase. So I have been using Pro:voke's Touch of silver purple shampoo almost daily. Within the fist wash, you automatically see a difference of at least two shades. It's just genius. 

Lastly is actually one of my birthdays presents that I have been loving and it is Lime Crime's Velvet lipstick in pink velvet. I am absolutely obsessed with it! I never actually got around to trying Lime Crime as when I started hearing about I also use to hear a lot of horror stories about their online shop and that there was a lot of fraud going on. I also at some point heard they use to put illegal ingredients in their products. I know it was probably all rubbish but I am easily scared so I didn't ever try it. But for my birthday, my mum decided to give it ago and brought me one. I haven't been able to put it down since. The colour is so pigmented and it also lasts all day. I just love it!!