Sunday, 6 March 2016

My Worst Haunting - Psychic Sundays

Yes, that is the title of today's post. I have in fact been haunted a few times, as a clairvoyant, it happens a lot. But there was this one instance that I will definitely not forget and without a doubt changed my life forever.

So to start with this story you need a bit of background, it all happened about 2-3 years ago just after my parents split up. Myself and my family apart from my father moved out our family home and into a little bungalow just around the corner from my school at the time. The bungalow itself was a stunning modern bungalow, It was one of those houses that whenever anyone come to our front door they were is awe. It was so modern in fact that we were the first people to live in the newly done bungalow. (it was originally a car showroom that they had added a few more rooms too). The floor plan was a bit of a strange one, on one side of the house was my mum and sisters rooms along with the office and lounge (this was the newly built side) then on the completely other side of it was my room and my brothers room (the original side).

Mine and my brothers side of the bungalow was always a bit off. to start with our dog Sash who we had taken with us when we moved would never go to our side. Ever. It was like there was some invisible line that she could never cross. It was also incredibly cold on our side even though the boiler was opposite both our doors. But it was a new build which is what we always said to ourselves. For the first few months, everything was fine and we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves in our new home and getting used to our new life.

After about 5 months of living there, it then started to get weird. It began with the knocking, you would hear it all day and night on different windows through the house. Again we waved this off to it being a new house and it 'Settling'. But when I use to sit in bed and hear footsteps above me that did freak me out as there was only one floor to the house with no attic. I found that it was mainly over my bedroom the footsteps liked to be. I can tell you without a doubt it was not a bird or anything to that degree as it sounded like big heavy boots and we did actually go onto the roof to check one time to only see nothing. It was after that we realised that is was not just simply the house 'settling' and was probably something very different.

After the footsteps became a daily thing then the bad stuff started to happen (all to me obviously). I knew it was about to become bad when I got home  one day from school to find black handprints all over the walls in my room then after going to show my mum they disappeared, that then happened another 4 times. I then would be sitting in my room and my curtains would be pulled down, each hook one by one. I actually once caught that on film but then after watching it once I couldn't find the file again.

I think after the curtains being pulled down it then started to get violent. Every night I would have my duvet pulled off me and then I would feel hands grabbing my feet and be pulled to the floor. This happened every night without fail. After a few weeks of that (bearing mind I never told anyone this was happening) my mum started having dreams about me being choked in my sleep with my own hair. Which she has always been a bit scared of as I sleep with my hair up and with the length of my hair it is actually possible. She then told me about the dream to which I laughed and told her to stop worrying. The next morning I woke up with my hair tied around my neck using the end of my hair as a bow.

Obviously, after untieing it I ran out to go tell my mum, who then decided it probably wasn't the best idea that I sleep in that room again and instead to sleep in the room I was using as a wardrobe (my room was too small to fit a wardrobe in). I agreed and then went to go have a bath. It was then it got worse. After getting in the bath I washed my hair and started shaving my legs. It was then I noticed the bath turn red, Obviously as I was shaving my legs my immediate thought being that I had cut myself. After checking both my legs, even the one I hadn't shaved, I started feeling like my back was burning. Luckily I was all done in the bath and got out to see if II could locate the blood. After not seeing anything and getting changed the burning got a lot worse so much so that I thought it was on fire at one point. So whats the first thing you do when you are in pain? You go find your mum of course. She told me to turn around and lifted up my top and then practically screamed and said "What and earth have you done?! Did you fall over or something?" I then told her I hadn't and asked if it was still bleeding. She then told be not it was completely healed and there was no sign of any blood being there. Luckily instead of describing it my lovely sister took a picture of it for me.

Do ignore any back fat! 
Straight after taking this picture we actually phoned up my then future place of work Psychic Sisters and asked them what to do. They then told us that I should go up and see them. I wont tell you everything that happened in that reading as I am a believer that it is a very personal thing to have done. But they did tell me that I should not go back to that house at all, which luckily me and my entire family agreed. I then went to go stay at my grandad's house as we were moving there any way in a few weeks.
Now this is when the story gets very boring, unfortunately not like a horror movie nothing really happened after that. The only thing I would say is that it 100% changed my view on life and helped me to decide if I wanted to open the clairvoyance side of me. The 'Ghost' that was in the house did not follow me at all and without a doubt is still in fact at the house, I don't think it was a personal thing I think that it thought that we were introducing into their house. Especially my room. The only weird thing that happened after is when my family went back to go and pack my room up. According to my sister, everyone was sitting on my floor with the fan on my mum then asked my sister to go turn it off so they could pack it away. She then went over and couldn't turn it off she looked for the plug to turn it off there only to find it not plugged in. I can safely say that they finished packing fast and then threw the fan in the bin.