Monday, 21 March 2016

Product Review - Eylure Brow crayon

Another product review! How proud of me are you all? So this is quite an old product although only recently stocked where I live (Thanks, M&S). So I thought I would give it a quick review for all of you out there who like me have never tried Eylure before.

So the very first thing I noticed is basically the whole range is idiot proof. I mean the have stencils they have lashes that are on a stick they just have everything that people struggle with sorted. I did see the actual launch hype about it a few years ago but didn't actually realise how easy it all is. So after much debate of what I wanted to get I decided on getting the Brow Crayon in Mid Brown as I like my eyebrows to be really dark (don't ask why).

I apologize but this picture actually shows Dark brown. Sorry.

The very first thing I noticed with it that I wasn't too happy about was the little of product there actually is. The actual crayon once wound up, is about half of the top bit of the entire pen. But I will say that the pigmentation of the crayon is brilliant, I didn't find the colour to be weak at all and would actually need a lot of blending once applied. It also is really smudge proof and dries really quick although that does mean that if you do want to blend it you need to blend it straight after you have applied it.