Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Product Review - O.R.G Oxygen Cleanser

Remember when I did Product reviews? I realise I haven't actually done a review in god knows how long and my pile of 'To-review' has gotten so high that it was about time I did something about it. 

So this product I actually bought by mistake, I wanted to buy the facial peel that O.R.G do but got confused on the website and brought the cleanser instead. Woops. But I do not regret a thing (although I do really wish I owned that peel). I'm sure if you read my last post you will know that I have extremely sensitive skin which for me makes it a nightmare to find skincare that doesn't irritate my skin. 

Luckily for me, this cleanser has been brilliant and is actually really helping to soothe it and prevent redness. The reason being that this cleanser is in fact so great for sensitive skin is that is it Alcohol,paraben and petroleum free, which basically means that it doesn't have all that rubbish in it that leaves your skin feeling tight and itchy. 

It's also one of the lightest cleansers I have ever tried instead of feeling like a really thick soap it feels a lot more like a serum. It also spreads like one as well all that is really needed it two pumps on your whole face, you rub it in, leave it for 5 seconds then wash off. It is that easy.