Friday, 29 April 2016

April Favorites

Can you all believe it is that time of the month again?! It feels like last week I was doing my January favorites. So this month has been a bit hectic mainly because I have been planning and getting ready for this holiday (that I had to keep really quiet about) so everything has alway been about comfort. I also discovered pilates this month which has made me feel incredible so that has also been reflected a bit in this months favourites.

If you stare at this long enough you start to see grey dots. It's weird.

(Top Left)
At the beginning of this month, I got my hair bleached, I know can you believe it! I actually bleach my hair. Now I have been bleaching my hair since I was about 12 years old and managed to keep it in really good condition. But the last time I got it bleached I don't know why but my hair ended up becoming really frazzled and frizzy. So because of this I was told to try a toner the next time I had it done, so I did. The only problem was the toner was WAY to ashes for my hair and made me look like I was a mix between a grey and a brunette. So I knew I had to try and wash out the toner, luckily I remembered my mum using this shampoo when her hair was made to ashy. Within one wash my hair was back to the platinum blonde that I know and love. So if you need to really cleanse your hair I really recommend this stuff as it leaves you hair feeling unbelievably clean. 

(Top, Center)
As I have said time after time Eyeko is one of my all time favourite brands for anything to do with eye makeup. I find that they are so pigmented when you put them on which is really hard to find when you are looking for a pen liner. It also stays pretty well. I mean it's not like a gel liner which will stay until you take it off. But it does to pretty well for a liquid one. 

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette
(Top, Right)
This Palette I am loving at the moment! Its actually my first ever Smashbox palette I have ever owned but I have to say I'm pretty impressed. I originally brought it because I was getting pretty bored of going to my Naked pallet all the time. I did think that it wasn't going to be very pigmented and it was just going to be crap really. But I found it to be really good and actually a few of the colours being more pigmented than my Naked Palette.

Yeo Valley 
(Middle, Left)
I know, I know a weird thing to be putting in my favourites. But I think actually every day this month I have had the same breakfast which is this yogurt with some granola and now I can not survive without it. It's not to think, It didn't taste like that awful stuff you used to get at school for dessert and its healthy for you so you win all round!

Topshop Large PU Backpack
(Middle, Center)
I'm using this backpack at the moment and I find it so useful which is why it has found its way into my favorites. After having a handbag I have had to carry around since I was a little girl I never actually realised how nice it is to be out and have nothing to carry. It has been so lovely, I haven't forgotten my bag somewhere and then had to rush back to get it and I still look stylish!

Sweaty Betty Retreat Jumpsuit 
(Middle, Right)
I actually think this was in my favourites last month but I don't actually care. This is the comfiest piece of clothing I have every owned in my life. I can literally where it anywhere and with anything and it still looks good. I have actually lived in it all this month. Don't worry I have washed it.

(Bottom, Left)
So at the beginning of this month, I actually discovered that I have a pilates studio about 5 minutes away from my house and I mean you all know me I will try anything once. So I went along to a class and found that I absolutely love it. I never thought I would say it but I actually prefer it over yoga. I think because it's not just about your flexibility but you are also strengthening your whole body. Which I definitely need. So I have been to about 10 classes so far and I have seen such a difference in my body. I am 100% stronger than I was at the beginning and I just feel fit. Which is weird to say but I do.

Touch of Silver Keratin Shots
(Bottom, Center)
So If you remember from my first product in this long post I have had a few problems with my hair being really damaged and being the wrong colour. So I went to boots and found these little things. They are like a little miracle solution in a bottle. I actually have never had my hair feel this healthy and I have been to hairdressers and paid a lot of money in the past for treatments. But none of them made my hair feel as silky as this.

Amazon Kindle
(Bottom, Right)
I'm so proud of this last one. I FOUND MY KINDLE. I mean if you're reading this Mum I never lost it.... But yeah, I hadn't seen it in ages and then it just appeared out of nowhere. I forgot how much I love this little thing. I mean its thinner than my phone and holds millions of books. It must be Magic.