Sunday, 10 April 2016

Cleansing crystals - Psychic Sundays

Crystals have recently become a common thing in most people's lives, whether as decoration or using for their true purpose. But the one thing that people don't do at all really is clean them. Now when I say clean I don't mean dusting them off so they look shiny, what I mean is cleansing their energy. 

The main use of crystals is to cleanse all the bad energy around them by sucking it all in. But once it has sucked in all the negative energy from around the room where does it go then? The answer is nowhere, it stays right inside that little crystal. Which is fine I mean once it is inside the crystal it won't come out but once the crystal is full it won't be doing really anything. So once a month it is a good idea to cleanse them so you can use them to their full potential. 

To cleanse crystals most people use the elements Earth,Wind, Water and Fire and I am going to explain how you use each one Starting with Earth this perhaps is the easiest and less work one to do, all you do is bury the crystals overnight. That's it, just bury them whilst its dark go get them in the morning, rinse them under the tap to get rid of the dirt and you are done. Next is the Wind which isn't really the wind but  oh well. For this one, you would leave your crystals next to an open window for a week and let the breath. The only problem with this one is that you have to leave your window open for a week which I find just a pain. 

Next is the water, this one is as simple as it sounds you literally give your crystals a bath, fill the sink (or bowl) with warm water and put some essential oils in there if you feel like it. Wash them until you feel they are clean and then you are all done. Lastly, we have the fire one, this one involves an incense stick. Light your stick and then slowly let your crystals dance through the smoke again until you feel they are clean. That's it! It is so simple and none of them really take more than an hour of your time but trust me it is well worth doing at least once a month.