Friday, 1 April 2016

How I organise my blog

One thing that I have never been good at in life is organising things. So when I started this blog for about a year it was a bit hit and miss with how I did it and stored my idea. I can't tell you how many scrap bits of paper and folders I went through! But after a lot of research and a great recommendation by a friend I found the incredible site Trello. It works quite similar to Pinterest,you have your main board on it and from there you can make lists and individual things to do.

As you can see above this is a little mock up of what it actually is, on the full website you can change the name of the lists and what is in each box. I personally have a Post idea list where I keep all the ideas I have for upcoming posts, I then have my schedule on the next list (you can add dates and times things are due on each item). I then Have a list for my series so I can keep track of them and finally a list for posts that need ongoing research and or will take a long time to produce. 

The thing I love about Trello the most is that they also have an app, So I can have it on my phone at all times and constantly be adding things to it. This is not a paid advert at all and is just my opinion in case you are all wondering, Trello doesn't even know I have in fact posted this. But definitely go check it out as it has really changed my life as I don't just use it for work I know use it in my personal life too. 

Link here - Trello