Friday, 15 April 2016

Makeup On a Plane

So we are getting to that time of year again where everyone is thinking or going on holiday soon. Yes, people, as terrifying as it is to think that it is holiday season again just think soon you could be sitting in a nice deck chair enjoying a lovely view of the sea or if you are 20 and going on your own you could be enjoying a not so nice view of lots of people at it. Whatever floats your boat. 

I like to believe a lot of you are like me and do not, in fact, wear makeup on a plane, well saying that for a short haul flight I probably would. But all of the flights I usually go on are 8-9 hours so for that amount of time in a plane I hate wearing makeup. But that doesn't mean that as soon as I hear I am 30 minutes from my destination I won't whip out my makeup kit and actually put some on. My one rule though for anything that I put on after a flight is that it is light, the last thing you want after being in a stuffy plane for hours is heavy makeup look.

So let's start with the base which is Bobbi Browns Stick Foundation I actually recently had this in a post for makeup that lasts all day. So not only will it last a long time after the flight is also felt really light and is virtually weightless on your skin. But I also feel it has a perfect coverage and is easily adaptable to, however, your skin is so whether being on a plane makes your skin feel really oily or dry it will still make it look flawless. Because it is in stick form it also is spill free!! Which is exactly what you want. Next, it is time for a concealer which is another Bobbi Brown product so this is their concealer duo and again perfect for traveling. It is incredibly smooth and literally reminds me of a moose, but like the stick, it doesn't take up a lot of room and is also spill proof.

Now let's move onto the eyes, for on a plane, I like to keep it really simple and just really have a flick of eyeliner and a load of mascara. At the moment, I am obsessed with Eyeko for all things to do with my eyes, I think it is all so well packaged to start off with so you won't get any spills whilst it is in your hand luggage. They also have so many types of each product I believe they have 15 different mascara formulas so it is definitely something you need to pick for yourself. I personally have a bespoke mascara which you can get in Selfridges and Harvey Nics.

After I have waited for everything to set I then move onto the lips which I really don't use a lot of product on as I suffer from incredibly dry lips so my EOS lip balm is next to me at all times but as a lipstick I use Cliniques chubby stick in whatever colour I feel like for that day as I do actually own all shades. I love theses chubby sticks they are such a good lip balm on their own but also have such a pigmented colour in them.

Lastly, we have my little extras, starting with my little pot of Nivea creme as I am sure you have heard me preach many times before I am obsessed with this stuff. I use it on everything and never have a tub more than a hand reach away from me so obviously this is on my plane must haves. My actual bag itself is the Trich McEvoy planner. Not only is this a good plane makeup bag but also a really good one for your bag. It keeps everything neatly inside and it also has 'pages' for eyeshadows and powders.

So that's literally all the makeup I have on after a flight. It doesn't sound a lot for me does it?