Monday, 11 April 2016

My favourite tips to hide dark circles

One of the downsides to being extremely pale is that when you do have dark circles under your eyes (which I do a lot) they are really hard to hide. Pretty much impossible actually, so I thought I would put together a few little tips and tricks that I have tried and tested to work. 

The Lipstick Method

This method has BLOWN up recently even though makeup artists have been using this trick for years. In case you have been living under a rock for the whole of 2013-now then let me explain how this method works. Before applying concealer under the eye gently blend in a red lipstick but do be careful that you are really blending it in. As I have seen quite a few people where it looks like their puppy has just died. 

The Triangle Method
One of the most common mistakes when concealing the under eye area is just doing straight under the eye (like the right side of this picture). Instead of doing that you w3ant to be concealing into a nice big triangle (like the left side of this picture). This now only makes the optical illusion of not having any dark circles but is also the very first thin Makeup artists teach their students about contouring. As this is phase one of highlighting, this particular are will give your face a lot more dimension to it and will make your face and nose look thinner.