Sunday, 1 May 2016

Goodbye Rainy UK, Hello Sunny USA!

Hello everyone, I have actually been keeping a little bit of a secret for the past few weeks and that is that I'm going on Holiday. When? I hear you cry, Right now!! Yes as I type this I am actually boarding my flight to the sunny U.S of A. Actually I'm typing this whilst I am at home but it's going up as I am getting on my plane. I'm sure the people who know how I work would have noticed the little theme I have been running for the past month of packing things and traveling makeup ideas. It was all to secretly get me in the holiday mood.

But don't worry posts will be up as usual, the entire time I am away although they will be scheduled ones as I am not sure when I will be getting wifi whilst I am there. So goodbye for now until I get back.

If you want a picture of me actually on holiday, just imagine this picture but with me a lot bigger. Wearing the same outfit. as I probably will.
Bon voyage!