Sunday, 29 May 2016

Monthly Favorites

So this month I haven't really got a lot of favourites as you all know I haven't really been home at all and I haven't really been able to test all the things I got in the states to say they are my favourites. So I have done a bit of a general love of things this month. With things that have been a necessity for me. 

Any Red Lip
This month I have been obsessed with having red lips. I don't know why but I just have. I feel they go with any outfit as well as being a great statement. 

As you all know I have been on holiday for the past three weeks to America. Now one of the things that I tend to hate about being in a hot country is that my hair frizzes. A lot. So instead of getting out the straighteners and trying to smooth it down I like to sort of own it. That's why whenever I am abroad I like to bring a salt spray for my hair so that I can have that beach look every day.

These sunglasses have been a bit of a life saver for me as I am very much known to lose everything I own. Seriously everything gets lost. I don't know why I'm actually very careful with my stuff, it isn't until I get home that I realise I have in fact left my bag at the restaurant. So as you can imagine traveling half way round the world with my favourite sunglasses wasn't something I really wanted to do. So I went to River Island and got the first pair I could find. Luckily they actually turned out to be really pretty and I did, in fact, grow to like them very much. I found that because there want a lot really to them, that they went with every outfit I wore. Which with sunglasses is a bit of a necessity.

It was with incredible sadness this month that we all learnt the incredible icon Prince had passed away. For me, this really did affect my life quite strongly as my whole life has sort of been centered around his music. My mum has always been a great fan of his and because of that, I was basically raised with his music on at least every day in my house. So for me, this wasn't just a death of an icon but I also felt as though it was a bit of my childhood as well.