Sunday, 15 May 2016

My Bad Phases - Psychic Sundays

In the world of clairvoyants and mediums, it is quite common to have bad phases. These bad phases aren't like the average Monday blues or something like that but are more like something that you feel right into your soul.

Being a 'Psychic' means you are extremely sensitive to people's emotions around you and sometimes we even start feeling those emotions ourselves. For example, when we have someone close to us extremely upset and crying their eyes out we are the sort of people to cuddle up to them and cry with them. I wanted to explain this to you all because I do often go through these bad phases. Where I don't want to talk to anyone and pretty much isolate myself from the world (which is when I don't blog). I'm not going to really write any more about this right now as it's something I am not quite comfortable talking about just yet.