Friday, 17 June 2016

My Go-To Lipsticks

Every person around the world who wears makeup will tell you they have those few products that they know without fail they will not only look good in but know they go with everything.  So as you can see below this is my list. Yes, I know they are very bright and more like statement lips but I'm sure you all know me by now and know that bold lips are all I really wear. But the thing I love about these three colours is that I know that whatever I am wearing they always look amazing. 
Lime Crime - Pink Velvet 
I'm sure you have all seen me rave so much about this colour. This was actually a birthday present from my sister and I have pretty much worn it every day since. I don't feel I need to explain too much why I love it as this is such a hyped product. But what I will say is that I feel that it is just everything that you really want in a lipstick. It is extremely pigmented, will stay all day and also is in the most stunning colour.

Charlotte Tilbury - Stoned Rose
This I would say is my more daily lipstick. As you can see it is a gorgeous pinky nude and because of my colouring it really complements basically any makeup look I wear. The other thing I love about this lipstick is it is packed full of ingredients that are actually really good for your lips. You've got to love Charlotte Tilbury for always loving our lips!

Illamasqua - Box
Ahh, the days when I was a fully fledged member of the Illamafia. This is a lipstick that I fell is completely timeless. I always imagine it is the colour Marylin Monroe would wear today if she was alive. It is completely matte and much like Illamasqua's style it will not move all day. Once you put this baby on it will stay on. I believe in it so much now that when I do wear it I don't actually bring the lipstick out with me that day,