Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sage your home - Psychic Sundays

One thing that all Psychics will tell you is that the most important thing you should be doing regularly is smudging your home. Now smudging your home is not so new found 'Hipster' thing to do that is just trendy at the moment. It is something that has been done since the beginning of civilisation in many, many cultures. 

Now I'm not going to get into the whole history of smudging and burning of sage as I could be here forever as it does go back a bit and is featured as a key part in many religions and cultures. The burning of Sage is a huge part of my life, I smudge my house at least once a week and Sage myself twice a week. It is something that I truly believe works and have been told by others how much of a difference they feel after. The main differences people say they feel are the area around them feeling much lighter and 'airier'.

So the best times to sage your home are just when you move in and on the last day of each month.Whenever you move into a new home it is a good idea to Sage it, this gets rid of any negative energy that was brought in through previous owners and basically gives your home a clean slate. While the house is empty open all the windows and doors as wide as you can and light your sage. Start at the front door and go clockwise through the house. Make sure you open all your cupboards and get the smoke into every corner.  Use this same method once a month. After smudging light any white candle to bring in positive energy, leave all your windows open until the smoke clears. After you will feel that the house feels a lot bigger and also a lot happier!