Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Whats in my Carry-on

Can all of you believe I kept this big of a secret from all of you for so long? Neither can I! So I thought today I would share with you what I took on my carry on. As to get to where I am it takes 9 hours so I really had to think about things to keep me entertained during that flight as I am not really the sort of person to sit and watch a move for a few hours. I lose interest way to easily! 

(Top, Left)
Just so you know this Ipad is huge. Like it is massive. I got this basically to replace my laptop that is on its last days at the moment. I wanted something that I can take everywhere but was still the same size as a laptop. I found that the usual Ipads were too small for me when I am showing images to people and since this is something that is a necessity for me I needed something big. So this is in my carry on as I am not bringing a computer with me at all. But I can still get some work done.

(Top, Center)
Before you say anything about me being a professional tarot card reader and still be reading 'How-to' books. But sometimes it is nice to re-read what you already know. So I haven't ever read this book and I really can't wait to read it! It has the entire history of tarot along with loads of different spreads you can do and it also explains what all the cards mean. Now I don't really read into them as I know what I see in the cards but it is nice to get a different view sometimes.

(Top, Right)
Now you all know I can not be anywhere without an EOS lip balm. These things literally are always in my hand or pocket. I still have yet to finish one of these actually I normally loose them (maybe I will whilst I'm away).

(Middle, Left)
One thing that I am well known for in my family is breaking headphones. No matter what headphones you but me I promise in two months they will not work anymore. I don't know why but they just do. But I recently brought these little things and I have to say (touch wood) I haven't broken them yet! I also love the fact that they are also noise canceling headphones. They have this little plate thing that you switch on and suddenly the world around you disappears.

(Middle, Center)
I think I actually put this in my monthly favorites. Little did you know I actually brought it as my carry on. I really wanted something that didn't really look like a carry-on and it be something that I can use during my holiday as a handbag.

(Middle, Left)
Again this is something that was featured in my monthly favourites. I don't really feel I need to explain why this is in my carry on for a 9-hour trip. I know I have also brought a book but as I am a fast reader and will read the other one in about an hour. I thought it would be a good idea to bring some backups.

(Bottom, Left)
On the actual day of my flight, I don't really like to be wearing makeup and me also don't like to be wearing makeup during the flight. I find it really uncomfortable and also I always fall asleep so I don't really see the point. But when I get to the other end I do like to put a bit of mascara and lipstick on. S

(Bottom, Center)
This goes hand in hand with my tarot bible book. I thought I would actually bring my tarot cards so I can practise the new spreads. I also am going to be teaching my little sister how to read tarot cards while we are flying. So no doubt hers will be in her carry on.

(Bottom, Right)
One thing I have learnt about flying is that your skin gets really, really dry. So I have my trusted Nivea Creme to sort that problem out and will be applying it at all times during the flight.