Sunday, 12 June 2016

Before Work Prep- Psychic Sundays

There are some days where I do truly forget how strange my life is. Especially my work life. It isn't until I get home at about 10 pm from work, and my little sister makes me my dinner while I tell her about my day that I realise how strange it all sounds.
My shift at work usually starts around 2 pm, so for me, that means I have the entire morning to do what I want which is usually writing and cleaning the house. I then leave home at 12:45 and start my hour and a half trip to Selfridges. I typically order my Starbucks when I am about ten minutes away through their app (best invention in the world) and then start my five-minute walk to Selfridges. Where I then have to sign in go through airport security checks and then walk through the underground walkways to our shop. 
As soon as I arrive all my lovely co-workers are there to greet me, and we all have a cup of coffee and talk about our week whilst we set up our rooms. Every reader gets there own room whilst there shift is on, we can move everything around inside to make ourselves more comfy. Once my room is sorted, I usually lay on the healing table and do my opening up and connecting for the day; This usually takes about three minutes. Then I am open shop for the day!