Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Monthly favourites

I actually can't believe it is that time of the month; I know that I say that every month but this one seems to have gone by a lot faster. Maybe because last month I was in America, so it went by a lot faster. This month I have been working like mad! Every day I have been out the house early and not getting home until about 10 pm. So everything for me has been things that I can do in a hurry, which again is something I say every month. 
I recently brought this bottle one day while I was at work. When I am talking for about 5 hours straight it is nice to have some water near by. I wanted a bottle that didn't look ugly and unprofessional but was still very me. So I thought this bottle was perfect! I can have the pink sleeve on while I am out and about as I do tend to drink eight glasses a say, so I need to have this on me at all times. But during work hours I can take off the sleeve, and it still looks beautiful. 

I love this little eyeliner, unlike my other eyeliners, this is, in fact, a felt tip one. I have never really gotten on with these type of eyeliners as for me after about three days they are either empty or all dried up. I have no idea why but I think they just all hate me. But for some reason, this one seems to love me. I have used this pretty much every day this month, and it has yet to dry out of empty out. So that is the reason it is on this months favorites list.

I have no idea why but this month I have been back into my Naked palette. I use to wear it every day and live life by it. But then I moved onto other things, mainly Kat Von D's eye contour palette. So it was a bit of a shock for me when I found my naked pallet at the back of one of my draws gathering dust. So I thought I would start using it yet again and fell in love with it all over again. I honestly forgot how pigmented all the colours and also how long they lasted. 

This product is one of the best sheet masks's I have ever owned. We all now how much I love my Maskeraide Sheet mask's with all their hydrating glory. But sometimes it is nice to have a mask that actually will unclog all your pores and just make your face feel clean again. This was when I discovered this Mud sheet mask. Yes, you heard me right Mud sheet mask. It's just the best idea in the world any by God it works. My skin felt better than if I had gone to a spa and spend £200 on a facial. 

Nude Lips
Lastly with a quick one, I have been loving nude lips at the moment. Which you all know is very strange for me as I am definitely a red lip girl. Maybe this mean an end of an error?