Monday, 27 June 2016

One of my all time favourite products

I am so excited to share this product with all of you; this is one of the best things I have every brought in my life. I got it while I was in the states at an Urban Outfitters. Which by the way I had never been to, they are AMAZING Why did no one introduce me to them earlier? One thing that I love about them is they have a very indie/hipster Beauty section which we all know I am a sucker for.  It is where I found this clay detox powder, the actual reason I brought this was a joke. My mum and my sister always think I am Edina from Ab-Fab and in one episode she has a mud-wrap to get rid of an inch of fat. She ends up having the bandages taken off only to find no mud and that her body had absorbed all the mud causing her to gain 12 inches over her whole body. Which according to my family is something that would happen to me. 

But after using about a spoon of this stuff in my bath, I found out how amazing it is! I have always known how well anything to do with clay/mud is at drawing things out of your pores, but I never realised how good it could be. After about 24 hours of my first try at this, all my acne on my body (shoulders, back, arms) Had completely gone. It was like my entire body had a face pack on. There are a few other uses for this product that I have yet to try out as I wanted to share it with you all first but I can tell you now if they are anywhere near as good as the bath then I can not wait! 

For best results, do not use with metal utensils or containers. Use with nonreactive wood or plastic. 
For bath: Place one half to one cup of Detox Bath powder in warm bath water. Mix into water and relax. Let the Detox Bath gradually remove impurities from your body. 
For body wrap: Make a paste with a half cup or less of clay and water. Mix until smooth. Apply on specific parts of the body or all over. Let dry for thirty minutes, then rinse. 
For slimming and tightening the skin: wrap clay covered areas with a cloth or plastic. Keep on for one hour while doing light exercise.Do not wrap more than twice per week.