Monday, 18 July 2016

Most Wanted - Pillo

One thing that I don't think I have shared with you guys is how many tablets a day I take. I know it sounds silly but taking my medication is something that runs my life. I take about 60 pills a day at 4 points during the day. So basically I take a lot of drugs. Not to mention each tablet has to be contained at a certain temperature and can only be taken at certain hours of the day. I even have one that I can't take unless I am standing up. It takes up a lot of my time remembering to take them and also trying to remember the ones I have taken. I have tried many times using apps, but I have never found one that works for me.

On one of my recent nosey looks through Indie-go-go, I spotted this little thing. Bastically, it is an automatic pill dispenser. But what attracted me to it is the fact that it remembers all the dates and times you should be taking your medication and will even order you new ones when you run out. For me, this would change my life. I would be able to do a lot more things and not spend four hours every week planning all my tablets and wondering where the boxes are.