Monday, 29 August 2016

A History of Make up - Egyptions

Hello, everyone! This is a bit of research I did for college but found it all very interesting so thought I would share with you.
The first time we discovered that the people of Ancient Egypt not only wore makeup on their faces but in fact made their cosmetics was in 10,000bc. This was a bottle of scented oil found in a tomb for softening the skin, kept in a sacred jar. This shows that the necessity of beauty products for the Ancient Egyptians was so important and that they felt a need to bring it to the afterlife with them. It was not long after 10,000bc that the Egyptians started creating that classic look that we all know them for which is the straight edge feline winged eyeliner.

The one thing that the Ancient Egyptian are pretty much world renown for is their feline flick. This is something that not only something the noble women did but also the worker girls. This was a revolutionary time for beauty. As for the first time, women were culturally allowed to wear makeup and not be looked down upon. All women tended to wear a black kohl liner on their eyes and eyebrows. This is something that is believed to be not only for the beautification process but also used in a medical way. It has been inscribed on many of the cosmetic jars that have been found that it has also been used as a way of keeping the glare of the sun out of the person's eye.