Sunday, 14 August 2016

Essentials Crystals - Psychic Sundays

Essential Crystals - Psychic Sundays // Georgi Simpson

One thing as a Psychic that I continually get asked about is crystals. No matter where I am or what I am doing they always seem to be the topic of conversation, a few years ago I would have only laughed. As, believe it or not, I did not believe in crystals. I did not think they had any abilities and were just an old wives tale. So when I started working 'professionally' as a Psychic, I was surprised to learn how frequently they are used on an hourly basis. It was through watching my colleagues that I felt the real power of crystals, sometimes I could even see the energy coming out of the reading rooms while they were healing. So through that, I have become a true believer in the power of crystals.

Essential Crystals - Psychic Sundays // Georgi Simpson


Amethyst is a crystal everyone should own; it is one of the only stones that can pretty much do everything. One of the primary uses (I use it for) is healing; it has an amazing ability to just genuinely make you feel better. Whenever I have a bad week where I just feel crap I tend to put this under my pillow and feel so much better by the morning.

Rose Quartz

As I am sure you all know Rose Quartz is the love crystal out of all of this bunch. Unlike the darker crystals rose quartz is for, the more romantic love rather than the passionate.


This is without a doubt my favourite crystal. For me, my primary use of this is for when people are ill. Whenever anyone in my family is really sick or are in pain, I always put one of these crystals next to their bed.

Clear Quartz 

I always call this the energy crystal, the best property of it is the fact that it stores energy. So when you are working those late nights and need that little boost, that coffee just can't give you then this is your answer.