Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Highlight to Perfection

As much as I do love a good contour, I think highlighting is my favourite part of the whole routine. There is nothing better than getting that beautiful cheekbone highlight.

Highlight to Perfection // Georgi Simpson

Can you all believe it? I have done a swatch!

Highlight to Perfection // Georgi Simpson

BECCA - £29

This highlighter I recently bought while I was over in America at Sephora. Which I love by the way. It needs to come to England as I am not sure how much longer I can live without it. This Becca highlighter is definitely now something I can not live without. For me, it is the right shade to match my foundation as I can not stand highlighters that are orangey. The sparkle in it is really fine, so the light picks it up in all directions.

Benefit - £19.50

This is an obvious choice. You cannot get much better than the good old high beam. It is a product that will be with you until the end of the day, exactly where you left it. This highlighter I love to use when I do a more dramatic look as I feel it is a very in your face product. My only downside with this is that it is, in fact, a liquid. Which is great but I do feel that sometimes it is pretty hard to blend. 

Charlotte Tilbury - £32

I have just discovered (after I uploaded this) That Charlotte Tilbury has just announced the discontinue of this product. Excuse me while I go cry. This will forever be my favorite highlighter. It is the exact shade I need, meaning you can't see it unless the light hits it in the right way.