Monday, 22 August 2016

Lés Merveilleuses LADURÉE

Today I am going to be doing something that I do not often do, and that is raving about a brand that I have in fact never tried. The brand in question is a very expensive French brand called Lés Merveilleuses LADURÉE. So let's start with the reason of why I say it is a very expensive range if you ignore the fact that their lip balm is £45.71, their main product which is a blusher in a glass case with powdered rose petals inside comes at the high price of £112.77. Now I do not know about you, but I am not prepared to spend that amount of money on a product unless it promised me eternal youth. 
So to learn more about this brand, I need to take it all the way back to the beginning, believe it or not, this brand of beauty products is a bakery. Actually,  It is one of the most luxury bakeries in the world all because it is the inventor of the double-decker macaron. Do not mistake this for the mothership of the macarons as that was brought over to France about 200 years before this bakery was even open by Queen Catherine de' Medici.  When you look at their current products, you will see that they all resemble the colour of macarons with that really stunning dusty pink. Nowadays they cater to the rich, famous and occasionally to royalty; they also like to make some stunning cameos is some of your favourite TV Shows. 

Gossip Girl

You can see why I love this brand already. LADURÉE make a broad range of beauty products everything from bath oils to setting powders. However, one product that I am obsessed with, that I am seriously debating buying is their Face Colour Rose Ladurée. As I said earlier, it has the pricey price tag of being £112.77 and £80 for refills. However, all I can say is look how pretty it is!! It is a small glass container with rose petals in; How can you beat that? I just really need this in my life you guys. I may have to start looking into selling my soul. 
That is actually all I can say on this subject now, as I may start crying. I just need it so bad or at least just have the jar. Basically, this whole post is about me wanting to fangirl over this little miracle of cuteness. I am surely not the only one who has done something like this before? Do comment down below if any of you share my obsession with this product as I am not going to lie I really need someone to fangirl with.