Sunday, 31 January 2016

Monthly Favourites

Hello you beautiful people. So this week there is no Psychic Sunday as it is time for my monthly favourites! I actually haven't done one of these in a while but hopefully this will be back to being a monthly thing ... If I remember. So as you all probably know by most of my posts, this month hasn't been the greatest for me emotionally, I have feeling a bit low this month due to a lot of things which in turn has made me feel a bit ill all month. Because of this I haven't really felt up to wearing lots of makeup so I apologise for the lack of makeup in this weeks favourites!

Apparently this picture is appearing blurry to some people.
If it is I apologise, I don't really know why it is doing that .

1. Maskeraide Sheet Mask - Beauty Restore
This is without a doubt one of my all time favourites. We have all seen the recent buzz around the sheet masks, it seems everyone is obsessed with them. For me I find them less messy, they hold a lot more product and they also are a lot more hygienic than a tub of cream. The serums in this are absolutly brilliant they are packed with all kind of goodies and my god you can feel them. After each of these masks my skin feels so hydrated and firm that it feels like I have a different face!

2. Feoro Cleansing Machine - Normal
This little magical thing was actually one of my Christmas presents and I am obsessed with it. Its a bit like the Clarosonic but not as harsh to your skin. The Clarosonic I tend to use twice a week as a exfoliating deep clean and then I use this twice daily just as a 'little deep clean' to clean out my daily dirt and oil. You use it exactly the same way as you would with the Clarosinc apart from when you have finished your cleanse and have put on your serums / moisturisers you flip it over and use the other side's sonic pulse to push the creams in further thus making them 2X more effective. This thing has changed my life and has basicaly got rid of all my spots!! (Post to come)

3. Cowshed Cuticle Oil - Apricot
During the winter I really struggle with dry hands and my cuticles really suffer! It actually tends to get painful its that bad, so I basically live with some sort of cuticle oil near me at all times. At the moment I am loving Cowsheds Oil, It smells incredible to start off!!! The best way to describe it is it actually smells like a spa, not even joking it is a spa in a bottle. But the main part I love is its not an oil that stays around, I'm sure you all hate it as much as I do when your fingers are covered in oil. Its just a disgusting feeling. But with this one it does actually absorb easily, that is only if you don't drown your fingers in the oil. 

4. Dove Summer Glow Body Moisturiser
This has been my quick fix all this month. Now I'm sure you all know how against sunbeds and extreme fake tanning I am (which explains why I look like Casper the ghost). But recently I have found myself to be exceptionally pale with even my lightest foundations being to dark for me. So every now and then I have been putting this on which just adds a bit or colour to me. 

5.Touch Of Silver Dry Shampoo
I actually found this one in my local chemist at the very back of the shop but I am absolutely loving it! One of the problems with having platinum blonde hair is when you actually use dry shampoo you can really see it in the hair. It makes a white film all over your roots which ends up looking like you have really bad dandruff. Which is something you never want. Ever. But this stuff is great it is specially formulated for people with grey or platinum hair just so you don't see the white film. 

6. Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser
This always seems to make it into my favourites so I won't actually need to explain this a lot. I just love how quick it is and how well it actually moisturises. Which as I said before I really need in the winter!! But I think for me this month is has been a total life saver as I haven't really felt well enough to stand there for ages and moisturise so to be able to quickly spray this on and sort of rub it in is just great! 

7. Black Head Remover
This doesn't really need a lot of explaining other than I FINALLY fount out how to properly use one of these things (post to come). So I have spent the entire month getting rid of my black heads. It has been the best time ever! I cant tell you how fun it is to watch blackheads literally come out your face, sounds gross but is actually a beautiful thing. 

Hope you have all had an amazing month and let make the next one even better!! 

Friday, 29 January 2016

What my nails are wearing

Hello everyone!! ITS FRIDAY, ITS FRIDAY!!!! Don't worry I won't start singing the song. So this week as you all probably know I have been feeling a bit down which is why I have been a bit quite on the social media front. So I thought the best way to cheer myself up would be to get my nails done, which did actually help a lot. So this week I have gone for something incredibly sparkly, It is about 4 different Gelish colours all merged together so this particular colour I have on doesn't really have a name. Please ignore the flash in this picture, they are so glittery that I actually haven't been able to get a picture of them with out them glowing.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

4 Beauty question's i get asked everyday

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday I can't tell you how thankful I am that this week is almost over. I have had the most stressful week ever. Starting with a lot of family drama and now with me just being ill. I know I have the worst luck in the world. Anyway as I haven't really had a chance to plan this post I thought I would just answer 4 questions I get asked every day (the reason I am doing 4 is that its my favourite number). 

1. Some creams come with a thin plastic lid under the cover. Should I keep it or toss it? 
KEEP IT!!! I know everyone throws it away as it is annoying and always falls out and gets every where. But that little useless bit of plastic is in fact the thing that will keep all your products fresh! Its a bit like having a vacuum seal on something, it will keep all the bad germs out and all the good in. (Tip: To keep your creams extra clean use a spatula to get the product out to stop contamination.)

2. How often do I need to wash my makeup brushes?
Ideally you should be washing your brushes weekly, most people (including me) dedicate a day to it like on a Sunday. So you can put a face pack on whilst cleaning them! If you don't have time to do this every week you must at least do it every 2 weeks. 

3. Is it okay to use the brushes that come with blush and eye-shadow kits, or should you buy separate brushes?
It is defiantly OK to use the brushes that come with your kit although I would say wash them before you use them (as with all brushes). But I would 100% recommend investing in some good quality brushes as they last a lot longer and will make your makeup application much easier. 

4. Should you wash your face when you get up in the morning even if you cleansed right before bed, or is a quick rinse enough?
You should be cleansing your face twice a day ALWAYS! Obviously at night you need to cleanse your face to get rid of makeup etc. In the morning you need to cleanse your face to get rid of all the germs from your sleep. As I am sure you all know as clean as you can get your sheets they are still covered in dust mites etc. Which can get all over your face as well as saliva and sleep. So it is a must to clean your face!! 

Monday, 25 January 2016

Getting Eyelash Extentions

Hi Everyone, here is a little video about me getting my eyelash extensions.

Bottom before - Top after

Monday, 18 January 2016

Cleanser Recipe

Hello everyone, happy Monday!! Although I personally am never happy on a Monday I just hate them. Anyway lost track a bit there, today's post is about a subject that is very dear to me which is home made beauty products. I absolutely love making my own products, mainly because you know everything that goes into it as you put it in. But also I feel that because you can tailor it to suite you in any way, that they work a lot better. So today I Will be sharing one of my favorite cleanser recipes as well as what eash ingredient will do for your skins, so that if you do come to make it you can take things out that don't mean anything to you or even add more of the things you need.

You will need:
1 Cucumber
50ml of full fat milk
5 Mint leaves (No Stalk)
Grapefruit extract

1. To start off you will need to cut your cucumber into a 5cm piece, then peel and chap that piece. Cucumber is absolutely incredible at reducing the size of pores, improving complexion,reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. It is also brilliant at getting rid of cellulite!

2. Put the milk, cucumber and mint leaves into the blender and mix until it is a smooth liquid. Milk is absolutely brilliant at removing all your impurities as well as balancing the oils in your skin. The mint leaves are really the part in this that makes it an amazing cleanser. Mint is a exceptional anti-inflammatory and also is really good re hydrating your skin, so this is brilliant for anyone who has problematic skin.

3. After you have mixed it so it is really smooth it should look the same as milk now. Now you can add the grapefruit extract. The Grapefruit extract is going to be the part where your skin is getting everything it needs. It is absolutely packed with Vit C,A and B1 so with this you can add a little (5 drops) or a lot (15 drops) it is totally up to you and what you feel your skin needs. Then quickly mix this in with the blender.

4. After this you will need to slowly simmer this for two minutes and then allow to cool until it is cold.

5. After it is completely cool you will need to strain it through a bit of kitchen roll to get rid of all the lump and bumps. You will then see it turn completely back to milk (that smells incredible!)

6. After all of that you can then put it into a clean container and store it in the fridge and it will be good for the next week.

That is it! It is a really simple recipe but has a lot of benefits. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

What I'm reading - Psychic Sundays

Hello everyone, welcome to a new segment for my blog which is 'What I am reading' as you can tell by the title this will be about what I am reading at the moment . Because believe it or not I am a bit of a bookworm, I just absolutely love to read. When I'm not writing you will always find me in the corner of the room either on my kindle or with a hard copy in my hand (I prefer hard copies as I have always felt they look more 'grown up'). Luckily this weeks book ties into my newest segment which is Psychic Sundays. If you have no idea what I am talking about do go have a look at my post explaining everything (Link here).

So let's get started on the book itself, it is the sort of book that I wouldn't really describe as a book if that makes any sense. I feel its more like a manual, a manual for Psychics. I know the title is 'Angel Prayers' but I feel its just the perfect book for beginners in the spiritual world. 

Don't mind my coffee in the top left corner. 

The book is split into three parts, the first part having various 'chapters' (they are more like paragraphs) deeply explaining every little aspect of Angels. But as I said before it doesn't just tell you about Angels it has many bits and pieces about lots of different things Psychics use, it also has quite a lot about healing and using Angels to help heal others. The second half is called the 'Angel Directory' now this bit is exactly what is says on the tin. It has a few pages of each of the big Angels, the sort of celebrity's of the spirit plane. I can tell you now it defiantly feels a bit like an actual phone directory with each Angel having facts about them an also how to contact/connect with them. Lastly we have the 'Prayer Directory' this is defiantly my favorite part of the book. With it being separated into sections of what you need (e.g Love, Healing, Sleep, Career, Chakras) then a prayer to help you with that need. I can say that since I have been doing these prayers I defiantly feel a lot better about myself, I always feel like someone has my back and is always looking after me. It is defiantly a feeling that I love having. I can not recommend this book enough, I personally was recommended this book by a friend and I can now see why. I think it is absolutely brilliant and any open minded person out there should buy it.

Buy Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray here - Amazon 

Friday, 15 January 2016

5 Resons I should not be called a beauty guru.

I always feel the word beauty guru is always thrown around everywhere. I mean I get called it on a daily basis but so would people like Charlotte Tilbury or Bobbi Brown and I just feel I am not on their level at all, so god knows why I would be called a beauty guru. I thought now would be the perfect time to briefly explain why I Georgi Simpson should not be called a Beauty Guru.

1.  I am always behind with giving out my information. I mean sometimes its months before any of you hear from me. But I promise I am trying to get better (she says for the 100th time).

2. Sometimes I don't follow the advise I give. I am very much one of those 'Do as I say not as I do' people. Don't get me wrong I do follow 99.9% of what I preach but sometimes I do let things slip a bit. What? I am only human?

3. I don't follow other bloggers. Now this may actually be the most shocking thing I say but the truth is, I don't. Mainly I don't want to be influenced by other peoples opinions/ideas. I feel if I did follow other bloggers I would always have in the back of my head 'Oh so and so did that 3 months ago. I cant do that, I don't want to seem a copy cat.'

4. I never went to beauty school. That's right I never did, although I did go to a few courses on beauty I never fully went to beauty school. That doesn't mean I don't know anything about beauty. I mean I actually train people who have been to it. I taught myself everything from makeup to how to analyse skin. With the help of a few tutors obviously. 

5. I still haven't learnt everything. I think there is no point in any ones life where they can say I know absolutely everything about that one subject. I am constantly learning new things everyday about beauty and I hope I continue to do just that. 

I would love to hear what you guys think makes a good beauty guru so do leave a comment or tweet me in the box on the left. 

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What My Nails are wearing!

Hello everyone! Now some of my older followers will remember this little segment I had way back. One of the things I am absolutely obsessed with are my nails. Maybe because I use to bite my nails so they have never been naturally long or pretty, but about two years ago that all changed when I discovered Acrylic. I do not recommend Acrylic at all as it is absolutely awful for your nails! But if you are like me and have bitten your nails for so many year and that has already ruined them alone and again like me are constantly changing your mind on how you want your nails. Then Acrylic is perfect for you! Anyway onto what is on my nails at the moment, So as a base for them all I have Malaga Wine by OPI with a Matt top coat. I then have Black Onyx on the tips of all my fingers and then over the whole of my ring finger with a glossy top coat. I also have 6 gold spikes going along my ring finger, the spikes where put on just after my second coat of black nail varnish and held in place with nail glue then we put top coat over all the spikes to really put them in place. Every colour/top coat used was in fact a gel colour as I feel they always make my nails look better for a lot longer and they will also help keep the spikes on. 

I apologise for the background.
I had to take this in my bathroom as it had the best lighting! 

I'm hoping I wont change my nails again for at least another 2 weeks but I do get bored of them very quickly so it probably wont be that long.

Monday, 11 January 2016

beginning my spiritual journey / How I found out I am Psychic **Warning - very long post!**

Hello there you beautiful people! Today I have a bit of a secret to tell you, something that I have been keeping quiet for quite a while now. I know there where a few rumours going around about it but no one got it exactly right. But I can confirm I have a new job! Now this doesn't mean I have quit blogging or quit my role at Disorder far from it actually. But I have always been someone who has to be very busy all the time, so I in fact got a 3rd job (I must be an idiot right?). What is this new job I hear you cry, I am in fact a Tarot card reader and Clairvoyant at the most well known Psychic shop in the UK called Psychic Sisters London ( Link here ).
I have just realised I look really, really creepy in this picture. 
I started working there in about December 2015, so I haven't been actually working there long but my god I have learnt a lot. The amazing girls there have taught me so much not only about my Psychic side but also so much about myself and helped me a lot with my confidence which I will be forever grateful about. So the reason I thought I would write about this now rather than at the beginning when I did in fact start working there was because one of the question I get asked at least 5 times a day whether it be through clients or just passers by they all seem to ask the
same question 'How did I find out that I was Psychic?' So I thought for all of you out there who are curious about how you would find out such a thing I would go through my story about how I 'Discovered' it. Because I feel a lot of people have the gift but don't really know it, so as you can see this is going to be an INCREDIBLY long post and you are about to know a lot more about me. So are you sitting comfortably? So to start this very long tale we have to start at the very beginning, as my mother would tell you there are some traits of my Psychic ability's that actually started when I was a baby. So now we are going all the way back to 1997 (Yes I am in fact 18). According to my Mum I was very much a baby who was very happy on my own, she has always said she could have left me in my cot all day and I would be very content to be there although she never actually did this! The reason behind this was I would always zone out and just stare off into the distance and it was very hard to bring me back out of the trance I was obviously in. Recently I was watching some old home video's of me at about 8 months old sitting in one of my toy cars when I just suddenly whipped my head behind me as if I had heard someone call my name and stared off into the distance for quite a while. My Mum then tried to get my attention back so I could look back into the camera but to no use, the only way she could get my attention back was to start whistling and clicking as if I was a dog which in the end worked and I was back to playing as normal. But to my Mother and family that was a total normal thing for me to do, no one ever questioned it ,it didn't even cross their minds that I could be seeing spirits. Everything continued like that I would always zone out and they couldn't get me back, I still to this day zone out and can't really bring myself back to the front of my mind not until my sister clicks her fingers in front of my face and screams "GEORGI! You're doing it again, Stop! It freaks me out.". Then as I got a bit older it seemed to get a bit worse. When I was about 5 or 6 my Mum took me and my two siblings to the shops to buy my dad his birthday present, now this bit of the story I do not remember at all as I was very little but my mother remembers it as if it was yesterday. I went straight into the men's aisle and picked up (according to my Mother) the most hideous old fashioned shirt she had ever seen. She then said to me "I don't think Daddy would like that. It's a bit old fashioned." to which I replied "I know, but my other Daddy would love this!". My Mother says she almost died at how loud I said it "People must have thought I was having an affair!!" she ALWAYS says. But nevertheless she brought it anyway and then returned it the next day so I wasn't upset. This went on quite a bit, I always talked about my other Daddy. Again soon this became the normal in our house. Soon after that I then started talking about my other Mummy although not as much as my other Daddy. Weirdly talking about my other Mummy is one of my earliest memories, I remember being in John Lewis with my mum and going into the kitchen department. I remember seeing a wooden spoon thinking "This is perfect for other Mummy she always used these." then put it into the trolley explaining to my mum "I have to get it for her, It will make her day!" again my mother brought it and then returned it the next day as wooden spoons 'repulse' her. This continued until I was about 8 and then like a light switch turning off I never spoke about them ever again. It was only with a bit of research we discovered I was talking about my past lives which is very common in young children as they remember it very well and they haven't had anyone tell them that its weird to be saying things like that. My mum has always said that one of her biggest regrets is not asking me questions to see if I remembered anything else. So that was about it for quite a few years, life sort of got in the way after that and my Psychic side didn't really do much for quite a while. I was basically known as the dud in my family everyone had a bit of the gift that was slowly developing over the years and mine just did nothing. That was until I was about 16, it then came with full force! Now this bit needs a bit of explaining as to why it came so late for me, I am sure you have heard me talk many times about my many surgery's ect. Because of them I was put on a lot of painkillers and for me it basically turned me into a zombie for quite a few years of my life. Which would explain why I didn't really see things or hear things well as some days I couldn't even remember my own name. So the Psychic side wasn't an overnight change but I would say it all happened in about a month. It started with me just sort of seeing things out of the corner of my eye, sometimes it would be a black shadow or sometimes it would be a full person. Strangely I was never scared by it, I knew whatever I was seeing wasn't going to hurt me. Then it moved to me fully seeing people in front of me that I knew where not there at all as no one else in the room even noticed it. I mean I would like to think that if me and my little sister where watching a movie and suddenly a tall man is standing in the middle of the room she'd say something. Don't worry I will be doing a post later on about how I see spirits. After being able to see the spirits clearly for a few weeks and them knowing I wasn't freaked out by it at all it was then the messages started coming through. One of the things people are always wondering about is how I hear the messages because it isn't like they are a normal person sitting there talking to you. For me it's just like hearing an extra voice in your head. This is the part I really struggled with and still to this day struggle with. It tends to get too much for me sometimes and by that I mean I have so many voices in my head that I end up getting really bad headaches that make me pretty much bed bound. But slowly they have got a bit better the main reason being the help from my beautiful girls at Psychic Sisters who really taught me how to close of and open up (again something I will explain in a future post). So now we move to when I sort of found out I was psychic. The reason I say sort of is I basically realised I was psychic the very first day I saw a spirit but I think I was in denial of it for a very long time. The reason being I didn't really know what I would do with it, I was raised with my Mother always telling me "Once you open the door, you can never close it" which to this day still is always at the back of my mind. I think once my Mum saw that I was struggling with it all she took it upon herself to take me to a Spiritualist Church (Wiki here) where I met some absolutely incredible people. On our very first meeting this woman sitting next to us on the back row obviously noticed we where new and wondered why we had come, after explaining to her my story and experiences she gave me a huge hug and told me "You are not alone and none of this is your fault. It is not a burden it is a gift." It was that moment that really made me realise that what I have is a gift and I was put on this earth and given it to help people. Whether it be passing on messages from their loved ones or just being someone they can talk to and help through a really tough time in their life. Although I obviously know a lot about the spiritual world as I can see it, I still don't feel like I know everything and I don't. Which is why the title of this post is called 'Beginning My Spiritual Journey' as I feel I still have so much to learn and I am only at the very, very beginning of it. So I think I am going to end this incredibly long post here. I hope you are all still with me after that marathon. So I feel like there are still going to be a lot of questions about this topic and a lot of people wanting to know more. Which is why I am now going to be dedicating every Sunday as 'Psychic Sunday' where I will be putting up a post every week about something to do with the Psychic world as I have so many things I cant wait to share. Also a lot of things people don't really know about. Make sure you tell me what you thought of my little life story, tweet me from the box on the left or send me an email. I would love to hear about other people's stories and opinions about this subject.