About Me

My name is Georgi Simpson and I am a self-confessed beauty-holic.

 So it all began in January 2014 when launched my first ever blog.  Because an extremely unwell me got very, very bored. After spending 4 years in a wheelchair and the rest of my life unable to walk properly without help and developing a very horrible syndrome that makes me pass out randomly, I thought enough is enough. I couldn’t sit in my bedroom feeling sorry for myself for the rest of my life I had to do something. Due to a very strange coincidence I was actually doing my GCSE's at that time and for my English exam I had to write a blog post about anything I wanted. So as you can imagine I wrote about a beauty product. After my actual exam, I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed writing in that style so I went straight home and onto my computer and made my first ever blog. 

 So after lots and lots of work, I launched my first version of my website. Which if you have been with me from the very beginning you will remember how much of a disaster it was. I mean none of the buttons use to work, all my pictures where the wrong sizes and don’t even get me started on the lighting on said pictures. But for some reason people started to get interested in it and after a few weeks my 20 readers turned into 200 then to 1000 and just kept growing to my biggest number so far of 500,000. Which still just absolutely blows my mind. I would like to thank you all whether you have just clicked onto my website or you have been with me day one as you have all helped me overcome some very tough days, so from the bottom of my heart thank you very much.